The 5 best agents for pubstomping noobs in VALORANT

These agents should give you an edge.

Image via Riot Games

At the highest level, VALORANT is all about player compositions, synergies, and strategic and tactical choices. Mechanics and gunplay are essential, but working together as a team is priceless. A meta has yet to be established, though, and it probably won’t be for some time.

Public matches are the only option at the moment. A competitive mode is coming soon, but for the time being, pubstomping is all you’ve got.

Running and gunning or spraying and praying is generally frowned upon, but in this early stage of the closed beta, a win is a win. Styling on your opponents and making them feel bad for their choices is your top priority.

It’s impossible to know which five agents fit the best together and it’d be pointless to create a competitive tier list. In a couple of months, we might have a better idea of the meta. But for now, we’re sticking with solo play. If you’re playing alone or with a couple of friends and you want to inflict the most damage, this is the list for you.

Here are the five best agents for pubstomping noobs in VALORANT.


Image via Riot Games

Cypher is the perfect agent for pubstomping. He’d quite easily fit in a competitive tier list, but when it comes to taking down noobs, he’s one of the best in the game.

He can solo a bombsite, single-handedly fend off a full team, and outplay his opponents with style. His spycam alone is enough to put him on this list. His tripwires, Cyber Cage, and ultimate just add insult to injury.


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Raze still packs a punch even after her nerfs. She has one less grenade and she’s a lot easier to hear, but she’s still deadly.

She’s all about dealing damage and killing as many players as humanly possible. Each and every one of her abilities, in one form or another, can put a stop to her enemies.

Her boom bot allows her to scout on attack and defense, her blast packs give her endless amounts of mobility, and her nades and ultimate have the potential to one-shot opponents.

She might not be the best in a competitive scenario and she doesn’t offer much to her team, but in public matches, that doesn’t matter.


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She heals, she slows, she barricades, and she brings her teammates back from the dead. Sage has it all.

Sage isn’t an aggressive agent and she doesn’t have much damage at her disposal, but that doesn’t stop her from being one of the best—if not the best—characters in VALORANT.

Sage is invaluable in a team scenario or solo. Her slow orb alone can be enough to stop an enemy squad dead in their tracks. Preventing a rotation with a wall or healing herself (or a teammate) back up to full can never be underestimated.


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Jett offers practically nothing to her teammates, and on a competitive tier list, she’d almost certainly be at the bottom.

If you’re a selfish player, though, and you love to hunt down kills and create highlight plays, Jett is the agent for you.

She has by far the most mobility in the game. And against noobs, that means a great deal. She’s perfect for pushing, flanking, entry fragging, and generally catching her enemies off guard.

Once she’s taken a bombsite, or put a stop to a rush, the round is hers to lose.


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Lurking is what Omen does best.

His flash and teleporting ultimate offer little to the game, but that doesn’t stop him from pubstomping.

His Shrouded Step ability allows for some of the most creative plays in the game. Combined with his smoke screen, he can easily outplay his opponents in public matches.

Whether he’s pushing on the defensive, bravely tiptoeing through his own smokes, or teleporting to unusual locations, Omen knows how to play tricks on his opponents’ minds.