TFT Set 6 Hextech trait Augments slated for huge buff in Patch 11.24

Hit trait breakpoints in TFT Set 6 earlier.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu and game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed an enormous number of Teamfight Tactics Hextech trait Augment buffs for the early game in today’s 11.24 Patch Rundown

The goal behind buffing Hextech Augments that synergize with traits during the early game was to make them playable as the trait Augments “felt like too big of a gamble,” according to Mortdog. Buffs were applied to Silver-tier Hearts, Gold-tier emblems that are now called Crests, and Prismatic-tier Soul and Crests. Silver and Gold-tier options will now grant players a free Set Six TFT champion, while Prismatic-tier options offer additional emblems or gold, as the 11.24 Patch Rundown revealed.

Silver-tier Heart Hextech Augments

Certain Hextech Heart Augments will now grant players a free Set Six champion. Early champs like Leona, Taric, and Ekko can help players hit that trait breakpoint earlier than normal while also providing a strong board state during the early game. 

  • Assassin Heart: Talon
  • Bodyguard Heart: Leona
  • Bruiser Heart: Trundle
  • Challenger Heart: Warwick
  • Clockwork Heart: Zilean
  • Enchanter Heart: Taric
  • Enforcer Heart: Vi
  • Imperial Heart: Swain
  • Mutant Heart: Kog’Maw
  • Protector Heart: Blitzcrank
  • Scholar Heart: Lissandra
  • Scrap Heart: Ekko
  • Sniper Heart: Tristana
  • Syndicate Heart: Zyra
  • Twinshot Heart: Graves

Gold-tier emblem Hextech Augments

Now called Crests, this Hextech Augment Armory option will also grant a champion from the trait that is offered. Players can also sell the champion for econ if need, should they not want to chase the trait offered. 

  • Arcanist Crest: Twisted Fate
  • Assassin Crest: Ekko
  • Bodyguard Crest: Leona
  • Bruiser Crest: Trundle
  • Challenger Crest: Zac
  • Imperial Crest: Talon
  • Mutant Crest: Kog’Maw
  • Scholar Crest: Heimerdinger
  • Scrap Crest: Ekko
  • Sniper Crest: Tristana
  • Syndicate Crest: Zyra

Prismatic-tier Hextech Soul Augments

Certain Set Six Hextech Augment Soul options will now give players two emblems for the trait that is offered. Not all Soul options include the two emblems, offering players an additional eight gold instead.

  • Academy Soul: Changed to Academy Crown and gives two Academy emblems
  • Arcanist Soul: Changed to Arcanist Crown and gives two Arcanist emblems
  • Assassin Soul: Changed to Assassin Crown and gives two Assassin emblems
  • Bodyguard Soul: changed to Bodyguard Crown and gives two Bodyguard emblems
  • Bruiser Soul: Changed to Bruiser Crown and gives two Challenger emblems
  • Challenger Soul: Changed to Challenger Crown and gives two Challenger emblems
  • Chemtech Soul: Changed to Chemtech Crown and gives two Chemtech emblems
  • Imperial Soul: Changed to Imperial Crown and gives two Imperial emblems
  • Mutant Soul: Changed to Mutant Crown and gives two Mutant emblems
  • Protector Soul: Changed to Protector Crown and gives two Protector emblems
  • Sniper Soul: Changed to Sniper Crown and gives two Sniper emblems
  • Syndicate Soul: Changed to Syndicate Crown and gives two Syndicate emblems
  • Clockwork Soul: Additionally grants eight gold
  • Enchanter Soul: Additionally grants eight gold
  • Enforcer Soul: Additionally grants eight gold
  • Scholar Soul: Additionally grants eight gold
  • Scrap Soul: Additionally grants eight gold

Changes made to Hextech Augments for the upcoming TFT 11.24 patch are subject to change prior to the update’s official release on Dec. 8.