TFT Set 5.5 July 9 PBE changes buff Aphelios and hit Radiant items

There are some big changes to test out over the weekend.

TFT Aphelios Set 5.5
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed a good amount of Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 changes heading into the weekend, including an experimental buff with Aphelios and 10 adjustments to Radiant items.

Scheduled to officially launch on July 21 via Patch 11.15, TFT Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes received a decent-sized update on the PBE today. No other changes will take place over the weekend, according to Riot game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Aphelios is getting an experimental buff with the goal of “sharpening his identity as a big AD caster,” according to Mortdog, along with several trait and item adjustments. 

From the Aphelios buff to a Dawnbringer nerf, here are the TFT Set 5.5 PBE balance changes for July 9. 

Radiant items

A total of 10 Radiant items received balance changes.

  • Bloodthirster: Radiant bonus AD reduced from  30 to 20 
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade: Attack speed per attack increased from nine to 10 percent 
  • Ionic Spark: Mana burn ratio decreased from 400 to 350 percent
  • Morellonomicon and Sunfire Cape: Burn damage: increased from 100 percent over 20 sec to 120 percent over 30 sec 
  • Rapidfire Cannon: Radiant Bonus attack speed increased from  20 to 40 percent
  • Titan’s Resolve: AD/AP Per Stack increased from three to four 
  • Banshee’s Claw: Radiant bonus HP to Team reduced from 150 to 50 
  • Quicksilver: Radiant Bonus attack speed increased from 20 to 30 percent 
  • Zephyr: Radiant Bonus team AS increased from 20 to 25 percent 
  • Zz’Rot: The Radiant Voidmother now spawns at the beginning of combat rather than when the holder dies

Set 5.5 traits

A total of five traits were hit with balance changes.

  • Abomination: Flat HP reduced from 1400/1800/2200 to 1300/1700/2100. HP per level was also reduced from 140/180/220 to 130/170/210
  • Assassin: Critical chance increased from 10/30/50 to 20/40/75 percent
  • Dawnbringer: Healing reduced from 30/60/90/130 to 30/55/80/120 percent. Healing ticks was also reduced from 10/20/25/30 to 10/15/20/25
  • Nightbringer: HP shield increased from 30/60/90/140 to 30/60/100/180
  • Redeemed: AP/armor.magic resistance reduced from 30/55/95 to 30/50/90

Set 5.5 champions

A total of seven champions were adjusted, including Aphelios and Akshan.

  • Syndra: spell damage reduced from 300/400/600 to 250/350/600 
  • Aphelios (experimental): Mana adjusted from 0/90 to 0/150. Spell AD percent increased from 140/150/180 to 250/275/325 percent. Base damage increased from  125/150/300 to 250/350/750. The number of Targets was increased from 4/4/8 to 5/5/10 
  • Diana: Spell damage increased from 250/350/1500 to 300/450/2000 
  • Fiddlesticks: Spell damage per second increased from 150/225/500 to 175/250/1000 
  • Jax: HP increased from 900 to 1000 
  • Akshan: HP reduced from 900 to 850. Akshan now properly rolls a short distance after he completes his swing, rather than rolling in place, and Is now locked out of gaining mana or attacking during the roll. His swing speed was increased slightly 
  • Teemo: Mana adjusted from 0/60 to 30/60

Bug fixes

  • Fiddlesticks’ tooltip should now show Duration scaling with star level 
  • Fiddlesticks’ range is now locked at 2 hexes while Crowstorm is active (this allows him to move into range of targets while RFC is equipped and Crowstorm is active) 
  • Fiddlesticks’ should no longer gain mana while Crowstorm is active/channeling
  • Sentinel: Champions should now pass the shield without pausing -Sunfire Cape should no longer trigger Olaf’s heal 
  • Nocturne should now reliably cast Umbra Blades every 3rd attack 
  • The Ranger Emblem now works on the Monstrosity 
  • “Monstrosity Supreme” mission should now progress correctly 
  • Galio can drop from draconic eggs; draconic eggs are no longer sometimes empty 
  • When dropping radiant items on a unit, that unit now shows up in the tooltip as normal 
  • Fixed Cannoneer Emblem breaking Kled and Nocturne’s passives
  • Hyper Roll: Radiant Armory moved to PvP round right after Krugs; armory that was there has moved back to compensate
  • Hyper Roll: Removed an armory drop table entry that had a shadow spatula