Teamfight Tactics PBE Patch March 11: Full notes and updates

This will be the final PBE patch before Galaxies goes live.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics’ third set, Galaxies, is expected to launch this month, adding a new and exciting dynamic to the game.

New champions, origins, classes, and mechanics are just a few things joining TFT. The PBE has acted as a testing realm for players to experiment with the game before it releases and it hasn’t been without its flaws. This will be the final PBE deploy before TFT set three goes live.

Here’s the full list of patch notes for today’s Teamfight Tactics PBE update.



  • 2 (1 gold), 3 (2 gold), 4 (3 gold), 5+ (4 gold) to 2 (1 gold), 3 (2 gold), 4+ (3 gold)


  • Level 8 Drops 15/20/35/25/5 percent to 13/20/35/25/7 percent
  • Level 9 Drops 10/15/30/30/15 percent to 10/15/25/35/15 percent

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where very rarely units could die despite having an active Guardian Angel.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the Stage 5-7 Kayn would heal to full and fight a second time after dying.
  • Wukong’s spell is no interrupted during GA revive state.
  • Kai’Sa now properly ults when someone is at her max auto range.
  • Caitlyn no longer casts a second time if stunned during her cast.
  • Fixed Space Pirates stealing extra loot from Guardian Angel reviving enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Malphite’s shield would fade at the same time as his Rebel shield.
  • Aurelion Sol’s pulled in by Thresh can now properly gain mana.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the Super-Mech’s spawn location reticle.
  • Fixed rare cases where a Super-Mech with multiple Guardian Angel’s could eject its Pilots before actually dying.
  • Fixed an issue where the Super-Mech would leap at combat start if it had Infiltrator’s Talons.
  • Redemption now works when it’s part of Thieves Gloves.
  • Mech pilots now function on Ghost Armies.
  • Mercenary upgrades now function on Ghost Armies.
  • Miss Fortune’s guns no longer float and now connect properly.



  • Chrono AS Buff: 15 percent/35 percent/70 percent to 15 percent/35 percent/65 percent
  • Protector Shield Value: 20 percent/35 percent to 20 percent/30 percent


  • Jarvan Spell AS Buff: 50 percent/60 percent/70 percent to 50 percent/75 percent/100 percent


  • Darius Spell Damage 350/475/700 to 400/500/750
  • Shen Dodge Aura Duration: 3/4/5 seconds to 2.5/3/4 seconds
  • Sona Heal: 150/200/250 to 100/150/200


  • Master Yi AS 0.9 to 0.8


  • Jinx AD: 60 to 70
  • Soraka Heal: 350/500/1,500 to 300/450/2,000


  • Gangplank Mana: 50/160 to 50/150
  • Miss Fortune:
  • Mana: 50/160 to 50/150
  • Spell Damage 55 percent/70 percent/500 percent to 75 percent/100 percent/999 percent


  • Super Mech Nerf
  • Base (500/600/700/800/1,000/1,500/5,000 to (400/500/600/700/900/1,500/5,000)
  • Splash (250/300/350/600/750/1,125/5,000) to (200/250/300/525/675/1,125/5,000)