Teamfight Tactics’ first Challenger Series tournament launches with a stacked lobby

TFT esports returns.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates Comps
Image via Riot Games

The first Set Four Giant Slayer Challenger Series tournament begins tonight, featuring a number of the best North American Teamfight Tactics players. 

Esports in TFT resumes today at 7pm CT via the Challenger Series. The tournament is the first of two events that will reward the winner with an invitation to the Giant Slayer North American Qualifier, scheduled to take place from Nov. 20 to 22. Tonight’s Challenger Series event features players who have ranked in the top eight of the TFT Set Four ladder snapshot

There were some players who placed in the top eight of the TFT ladder snapshot but were unable to attend the Challenger Series tournament. Giant Slayer “passed the invite to rank nine and forward,” according to Giant Slayer project manager Rissa, allowing some competitors who weren’t in the top eight to compete for an invite to the qualifier.

Weekly snapshots of the NA leaderboard are taken on Wednesdays at 2:01am CT, with the Challenger Series tonight based on the Nov. 4 one. The top players to watch out for tonight are Kurumx, Saint Vicious, and Cottontail. 

The Giant Slayer NA Qualifier that takes place from Nov. 20 to 22 is the first of four Riot-official qualifiers for the upcoming Fates Championship. Competitive TFT players can earn an invite to the tournament in three different ways. 

  • Giant Slayers Challenger Series event that takes place on Nov. 9 and 16. The winners of each event will receive an invitation.
  • The top 14 players on the TFT leaderboard receive an invitation.
  • Eight players receive an invitation via the Team Liquid open qualifier bracket from Nov. 13 to 15. 

Competitive play within the first TFT Set Four Challenger Series event begins tonight at 7pm CT on Giant Slayer TV.