Riot uploads small TFT Set 5 PBE patch with Hyper Roll changes

A monster of a patch is expected to drop tomorrow.

Teamfight Tactics Evil Pengu
Image via Riot Games

Minor Teamfight Tactics balance changes and Hyper Roll system changes were included in the Set Five Reckoning PBE patch for April 19.

The TFT team was able to collect large amounts of data over the first weekend of Set Five on the PBE, according to game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. But players will have to wait one more day for any significant changes, giving the team time to evaluate the data. A small Set Five PBE patch was put in last Friday, April 16, dropping today with Hyper Roll system changes, bug fixes, and a handful of balance changes. 

The speed at which Draconic eggs hatch in Hyper Roll has been sped up. An egg that takes three turns to hatch in Standard will take one round in Hyper Roll. And four rounds in Standard now takes only two rounds in Hyper Roll. Gold was also added to “starting player gold,” providing up to 10 gold when players first see a shop in the Hyper Roll TFT mode. 

Several items were tweaked in today’s Set Five Reckoning PBE patch, including a reduction in proc cadence for Shadow Sunfire Cape and an increase in damage output from Shadow and normal Statikk Shiv. 

  • Zz’Rot Portal: Health and damage scale based on Stage and not Star level of the wearer. 
  • Shadow Sunfire Cape: Proc cadence reduced from two to 1.5 seconds.
  • Shadow and normal Statikk Shiv: Lightning damage increased from 55 to 65.

Kayle’s ascension timer was slightly nerfed, increasing it from 5/4/1 to 5/5/1 seconds, while Yasuo was nerfed at one and two stars. Gragas had a mana adjustment to 40/80 and Aatrox continues to get balanced. Riot increased the champ’s spell AD at two and three-star along with Aatrox’s spell healing going from 30 percent of maximum health to 200/300/450.

Set Five Reckoning is scheduled to release on April 28. Several more PBE patches are expected to drop in the week leading up to its launch.