Rainplosion tops TFT old guard to win NA Jade Cup

She now secures an invite to the Mid-Set Finale.

Image via Riot Games

The second and final Teamfight Tactics North American Cup tournament showcased a Spellsword Daeja Mirage and Corki dominant meta, with a three-star Soraka winning the tournament for Rainplosion against a three-star Daeja. 

A total of four days encompassed the Dragonlands Jade Cup, split up between two weekends. Top-ranked ladder players were given a bye during the first weekend while players like Rainplosion competed in all four days while making it to the top eight playoffs.

Thirty-two NA players advanced to the final day of the Set Seven Jade Cup, seeking a top-four finish and a direct invite to the Mid-Set Finale on Aug. 19 to 21. Five games were played before cutting the field down to only eight players. Points carried over from the first five games and the top four after two more rounds received a slot at the Mid-Set Finale.  

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The final two rounds of the Jade Cup showcased how wild TFT can get. Pockygom won game six with a nine Shimmerscale build, Xayah carry, and a three-star Zoe. Game seven featured Bertasaurus hitting a three-star Daeja with Spellsword as the Mirage sub-trait.

Running a Corki carry build, Rainplosion had the HP lead over the lobby but needed a unique factor that could defeat a three-star Daeja. 

She first rolled for a three-star Bard, with Bertasuarus catching on and holding a Bard on the bench. Rainplosion then shifted toward a three-star Soraka and was able to hit. Upon casting her ultimate, Soraka deleted the entire board and earned Rainplosion the TFT Set Seven Jade Cup title. 


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