Poppy and Xayah get smacked by the nerf hammer in Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.10 preview

Say "bye-bye" to Candyland and Shredder comps... hopefully.

Image via Riot Games

It seems like some of the most overpowered Teamfight Tactics comps have a target on their back.

Riot revealed a TFT Patch 10.10 preview today, which outlines upcoming buffs, nerfs, and new content. The tentative changes will focus on balancing the meta, which is dominated by the all-powerful Candyland and Shredder comps.

Poppy has been dominating the competition this patch in the Candyland comp with insane damage and tankiness. While Riot hasn’t explicitly said what the nerfs are, the yordle’s Buckler Toss will likely be taken down a notch.

Twisted Fate is also a powerful force in the Candyland comp. Riot is nerfing him, as well as one of his core items, Morellonomicon.

The hyperroll Shredder comp has emerged as another strong option with little counterplay. Since players can simply three-star low-costing units, Riot is stepping in to lessen the power. Xayah will have her wings clipped in Patch 10.10, making her less of a dominant one-cost champ.

It’s not all bad news for TFT traits, however. The once-mighty Rebel class will get buffs, along with some underperformers, like Vel’Koz and Yasuo. And players can expect a new Galactic Armory Galaxy. It’s unclear what the new Galaxy entails, but it should add some fun to an increasingly entertaining set.

While Kayle is listed under the “buff” column, TFT lead designer Mortdog explained that she’s actually being nerfed.

The adjustments outlined in the Patch 10.10 preview are tentative and liable to change.