How Mage TFT Set 7 Dragonlands trait works

Double magic is back.

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The Mage trait is returning to Teamfight Tactics in Set Seven Dragonlands after its last iteration in Set Four. This trait works exceptionally well with ability power items that amplify the massive amount of damage they can deal by casting their abilities twice.

Ability power comps will always be present in TFT as a counterpart of attack damage comps. When the Mage trait is active, all Mage champions will cast their abilities twice when they fill mana and have a modified ability power that increases with every breakpoint by 80/105/130/175 percent. The champions that have the Mage trait in the Set Seven Dragonlands are Heimerdinger, Vladimir, Lillia, Nami, Ryze, Sylas, and Zoe. In addition to them, players will be able to craft a Mage Emblem to add the trait to a champion that doesn’t have it, creating many possible unexpected synergies.

As mentioned by Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer in his Dragonlands PBE Rundown, the Mage trait will benefit greatly from AP items like the Rabadon Deathcap and Archangel Staff on your carries. Vladimir is one of the best early game frontline units in the Dragonlands set, dealing even more damage and healing when the Mage trait is activated.

How to Use the Mage trait in Set Seven

The Mage trait is versatile and can be used both vertically and as a complement to other compositions. A Mages board with enough AP items can blast enemies as their mana bars fill up. The mages just need to be alive for enough time. To achieve this a synergy with the Mystic trait is very welcome as it grants magic resistance to all champions. So Nami is a great unit to pair with a second Mystic support champion like Lulu.

Other traits that can be used in compositions with Mages tend to be more defensive ones to allow your Mages to survive long enough to deal damage. Sejuani is a good example as she can grant more Health and AP to the team when paired with Ryze by activating the Guild trait and receive more armor and magic resist by activating the Cavalier trait with Lillia. Sylas can also be paired with another Bruiser champion to increase the health of all units on the board. Illaoi and Skarner are a good pair of Bruisers for the comp as they also activate the Astral trait, which is a very strong trait at the beginning of the games on the Set Seven Dragonlands.

Best Set Seven Mage comps

The best Mage comps involve getting a Mage Emblem or three-star a Nami or Ryze to be the main carry. Usually, these comps can be chosen by getting a spatula on the first carousel or a lot of tears and rods.

It is very important to pay attention to positioning using Mage compositions.

A comp of Assassins can quickly take down your main carry so try to switch sides when you think you’re going to face them or place tough units in front of the carries in the corners so they won’t be the first targets. Units like Nomsy and Vladimir or Ornn do a good job of buying time for your Mages to kill enemy Assassins.

Mages Aurelion Sol

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The idea behind this composition and its strength is to make Aurelion Sol a mage so his Black Hole ability scales twice as fast, dealing a lot of damage to the enemy team. That’s why it only works with a spatula or an Augment that directly grants an Emblem or another spatula like the Mage Crest and Urf Grab Bag.

With this comp in mind, it’s important to level up quickly to find stronger mages in the shop and be able to use traits more efficiently early in the game. The best options are Mages and Trainers, especially finding a Lulu, or Mages and Bruisers with a Sylas. Vlad can also fill the third Mage slot, but a Ryze might be more efficient holding items for Aurelion Sol.

For the mid-game, the idea is to keep the strategy with more Mages. The other units remain mostly frontline Bruisers like Sylas and Ornn and support units like Lulu and Nami. Level up to six in round 3-2 and build the best board you can. Keep yourself with 50 gold while leveling up to seven.

Ideally, be at level eight before the end of stage four. From there the comp needs to be with Aurelion Sol for the late game. It is possible to trade a Mage for Zoe and use her as a second carry. But try to keep Heimerdinger to keep Nomsy on the board. Upon reaching level nine your team will be complete. The best items for Aurelion Sol besides the Mage Emblem are Hextech Gunblade and Archangel’s Staff. Tank items must be placed on Sylas or Ornn, whichever reaches two stars first.

It’s a powerful and versatile comp. You can easily change it to use six Astrals with Vladimir and Nami or seven Mages to make use of a lot of AP items to fully equip two carries.

Nami Reroll

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A three-star Nami with the right items can guarantee a top-four in the lobby. This requires multiple items that use the tear and the Astral trait to easily reach a three-star Nami. As a composition with powerful heals, the Augment First Aid Kit is especially efficient, increasing the power of heals on any ally on the board.

The game starts with the three Astral units Nami, Vladimir, and Skarner. Heimerdinger is a good additional Mage option for the early game. It is possible to use a losing streak to maintain the economy while guaranteeing better chances of getting tears from the carrousels. The Astral trait also helps to correct the gold curve every five shops.

Level up to six at round 3-2 and start chasing Nami to make her three stars. A second Trainer will bring Nomsy to help on the frontline and a Bruiser like Sylas is even better, being able to be your main tank getting the defensive items.

After getting Nami three stars level up to eight and try to add Zoe to the composition. Bard and Sona are also good additions that bring crowd control to your team. When you get a Mage Emblem you can give it to Lulu or Illaoi. It is also possible to try transitioning to a Mage Aurelion Sol composition in this scenario.

The best items for Nami are Spear of Shojin and Archangel Staff, repeating some of them. Tank items can be any Ionic Spark, Gargoyle Stoneplate, and Warmog, but other defensive items are also good options.