Here’s how TFT Set 4.5 ranked reset works

Everything you need to know about the mid-set soft ranked reset.

Teamfight Tactics Darius
Image via Riot Games

A soft ranked Teamfight Tactics reset is scheduled to take place with the launch of Set 4.5 Fates: Festival of Beasts at the end of January. 

The first mid-set ranked reset in TFT occurred with the release of Galaxies Set 3.5. Sets last a total length of six months, with a mid-set update taking place three months after the release of a new set. Scheduled to launch via live servers on Jan. 21, Set 4.5 will contain a soft reset that drops players to the ranked tier below their current rank.

It was previously stated by principal TFT game designer, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer that players would drop one tier and start at division four in that tier. But patch 11.2 changed the soft-reset to a decrease of only one tier. Players who were at Diamond two, for example, will drop to Platnum two at the launch of Set 4.5.  Only Masters players and above will all drop to Diamond four. 

In addition to the soft-reset, players will receive five provisional matches where they can’t lose any LP. This only applies to the first five ranked games played, and doesn’t prohibit players from gaining LP with a top-four finish. 

  • Iron: Start at Iron
  • Bronze two: Start at Iron two
  • Silver two: Start at Bronze two
  • Gold two: Start at Silver two
  • Platinum two: Start at Gold two
  • Diamond two: Start at Platinum two
  • Masters and above: Start a Diamond four

Set 4.5 contains a total of 20 new and returning TFT champions, along with seven new traits. New champions within the mid-set will have a Chosen version, and players will have more item options via Fates: Festival of Beasts from Ornn Artifacts and Lucky Lanterns

Players can test out the TFT Set 4.5 mid-set on PBE servers prior to its release on Jan. 21. Set Five will likely release sometime at the end of April, featuring a theme of “Good vs. Evil.”

Updated Jan. 20 2pm CT: The article previously said players would drop to the fourth division of the tier below their current rank based on comments from Mortdog during his Twitch stream. This was updated to reflect the soft-reset changes according to the TFT 11.2 patch notes.