Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5 Fates Festival of Beasts
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Here’s every new TFT Set 4.5 trait and origin

Exciting changes are taking place.

A total of seven Teamfight Tactics traits and origins are being added to Set 4.5 Fates: Festival of Beasts in place of the six being removed. 

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Traits and origins form synergies within TFT, providing additional abilities and bonus stats. Scheduled to release on Jan. 21, Set 4.5 contains a total of seven new origins and traits: Dragonsoul, Slayer, Executioner, Syphoner, Fabled, Daredevil, and Blacksmith. Two of the traits are unique (Daredevil and Blacksmith), applying towards only one champion. 

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The Dragonsoul trait, according to the Fates: Festival of Beasts PBE Rundown, provides the first Dragonsoul unit to take damage a Dragon’s Blessing. This ability has the unit gain bonus stats, and every fifth attack fires a Dragonsoul blast that deals magic damage. Upon death, the Dragon’s Blessing passes to the closest Dragonsoul ally. 

  • Three Dragonsoul: One Blessing of 30 percent Spell Power and Attack Speed
  • Six Dragonsoul: Three Blessing of 75 percent Spell Power and Attack Speed. 
  • Nine Dragonsoul: Six Blessing of 150 percent Spell Power and Attack Speed.

There are a total of six Dragonsoul TFT champions.

  • Brand: One-cost
  • Tristana: One-cost
  • Braum: Two-cost
  • Shyvanna: Three-cost
  • Aurelion Sol: Four-cost
  • Olaf: Four-cost

Positioning and planning will play a major role in the success of the Dragonsoul trait, according to  Principal TFT designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. 


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Champions within the Slayer trait “gain Lifesteal that increases at lower health, and deal bonus damage that increases based off their target’s missing health. Slayer champions gain more life the lower their health is, according to lead Set 4.5 designer Giovanni Scarpati, and deal more damage when their as their target’s health drops. 

  • Three Slayer: 20 to 45 percent Lifesteal and Bonus Damage.
  • Six Slayer: 30 to 75 percent Lifesteal and Bonus Damage

The Slayer trait contains a mix of previous and new Fates champions, featuring six in total. 

  • Zed: Two-cost
  • Pyke: Two-cost
  • Darius: Three-cost
  • Olaf: Four-cost
  • Tryndamere: Four-cost
  • Samira: Five-cost


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The Executioner trait “functions similarly” to the trait Valkyrie from TFT Set Three, according to Scarpati. Champions with the Executioner trait will have their “attacks and spells always critically hit targets below a certain percentage threshold of health.”

  • Two Executioner: 33 percent health
  • Three Executioner: 66 percent health
  • Four Executioner: 99 percent health

There are a total of three Executioner champions within Set 4.5.

  • Kindred: Three-cost
  • Xayah: Four-cost
  • Kayle: Four-cost


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Similar to the Celestrial trait from Set Three, according to Mortdog, the Syphoner trait “heals for damage. “All allies heal for some of the damage they deal with spells and attacks,” according to the PBE Rundown. 

  • Two Syphoner: 10 percent for Allies; 40 percent for Syphoners.
  • Four Syphoner: 25 percent for Allies; 100 percent for Syphoners.

A Syphoner champion will steal life and spell. There are a total of four Syphoner champions within Set 4.5.

  • Nasus: One-cost
  • Vladimir: Two-cost
  • Morgana: Four-cost
  • Swain: Five-cost

Both Mortdog and Scarpati believe that Chosen Syphoner champions will be highly sought after within the TFT Set 4.5 meta. 


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Fabled is a three-piece trait within Set 4.5. Upon activation, Fabled champions gain a bonus to their ability—and “it’s different for each individual unit,” according to Scarpati. 

  • Nautilus: Fabled bonus grants Nautilus a shield that reduces incoming damage by 60 percent for five seconds. 
  • Neeko: The third explosion is empowered dealing 300/450/900 magic damage instead.  
  • Cho’Gath: Fabled bonus additionally knocks up all enemies on the board.


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The Daredevil trait is unique to Samira. Similar to The Boss, according to Scarpati, the unique trait is “an additional ruleset that frames what this unit is supposed to be doing within this set.” The Daredevil trait has Samira dash after every other attack. After every dash, Samira shields herself for 10 percent of her maximum health. And their next attack fires two shots, gaining Style. At max Style, they cast their spell.

Samira has a Style bar, which when maxed will cast her ultimate. She doesn’t have any mana, similar to Jhin in Set Four Fates. Increasing Samira’s star level will allow her to reach her ultimate quicker. 


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The Blacksmith trait is unique to Ornn. Ornn must participate “in combat” to earn progress towards Blacksmith at the start of the next planning phase. The Blacksmith trait creates an Artifact. There are a total of 10 possible crafted Artifacts. Each ally may only equip one Artifact. 

  • One-star Ornn: Every four combats
  • Two-star Ornn:  Every three combats
  • Three-star Ornn: Every combat

Update Jan. 20 1pm CT: Stats and abilities were updated after the release of TFT Patch 11.2.

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