Riot details Samira’s abilities, traits, and stats for TFT Festival of Beasts

The Daredevil Slayer Sharpshooter will be a catalyst for AD comps.

Image via Riot Games

The Desert Rose is making her way to the Convergence.

While Riot previously revealed Samira as Teamfight Tactics‘ five-cost Daredevil Slayer Sharpshooter last week, today’s lengthy blog post further outlines her abilities and role as the “capstone physical damage-dealer.” TFT devs Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and Giovanni Scarpati also posted a video with a detailed PBE rundown for Festival of Beasts.

Samira’s ability will let her dash toward the largest group of enemies, gain 100 percent dodge rate, and fire 15/25/50 shots at random nearby enemies for two seconds. This obviously mimics her League of Legends playstyle since she enters the fray and deals tons of AoE damage. Her base stats include 900 health, 80 AD, 0.9 attack speed, and 30 armor and magic resist.

As a Daredevil with no mana, Samira will use her combo system that’s also carried over from League. After every other basic attack, Samira flips to a new target, gets a shield, fires twice, and increases her combo rating. At S-rank, she’ll “pop-off in a hail of bullets,” according to the blog post.

The Desert Rose joins Zed, Darius, Olaf, and Tryndamere in the Slayer trait. She’ll definitely further bolster the AD damage in one of those comps. And since Slayers lifesteal when their health is low, Samira has the chance to continuously recover health when invulnerable.

TFT Festival of Beasts kicks off with Patch 11.2 on Jan. 21.


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