Teamfight Tactics’ Set 5 theme will be ‘Good vs. Evil’

Riot has been bringing the heat lately when it comes to TFT news.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics fans have a lot to look forward to in 2021. Riot is investing even more resources into expanding the autobattler in the coming year.

Thanks to Riot’s 2021 Season Celebration stream today, TFT fans now have a detailed roadmap of releases for the rest of the year. The stream revealed 2021 will launch Set Four’s mid-set expansion, the Fates Championship, two new sets, and a new mode all before the end of the year.

TFT fans were treated to the first official tease of Set Five today. The next set will feature champions, skins, and lore centered around the theme of “Good vs. Evil.”

In previous sets, the theme has often been closely tied to whatever the unique core mechanic of the set has been. For example, in Set Two: Rise of the Elements, the core mechanic was that each game had different elemental tiles on a player’s board that could be used by champions to boost their abilities.

A “Good vs. Evil” set may hint at some kind of mechanic that rewards champions for being synergized not just by their original traits, but also with their assigned “Good” or “Evil” trait.

The theme of a set is determined after a specific process of decision-making. TFT producer Dax “Lunchboy” Andrus previously explained what goes into choosing a theme for each set by breaking down the process in a Twitter thread. There are three important factors that are taken into consideration before making the decision.

“1) Can the thematic support an entire set – are there enough champions to make a well-designed set?” Lunchboy said. “2) Is the thematic resonant? Will players enjoy looking at it for months? 3) What’s going on in the rest of League?”

It seems like the “Good vs. Evil” theme has passed all of the requirements to make for a fun and interesting theme. The development process for the set is likely well underway for a release sometime in the first half of 2021.