XQc to return to NoPixel on new server later this week

New server, new leaf?

Screengrab via YouTube (MaximusBlack)

Popular Twitch streamer XQc will be returning to GTA roleplaying server NoPixel after being permanently banned last week. But it won’t be the same server fans are familiar with.

At the beginning of a recent stream xQc shared with viewers that NoPixel was working on launching a sister server that would have more incentives for those roleplaying criminals.

The server will launch in the next few days, according to the streamer, with more forgiving fines and higher payouts for crimes. Fans may also be able to get in on the action. XQc claims players will be able to pay for priority entry to the server.

Even with a new cast of characters, both xQc and NoPixel creator Koil expect the level of RP to be on par with the main server. According to xQc, many of the best roleplayers haven’t been able to participate in the main server due to the long queue times.

The return of xQc to NoPixel comes as a surprise due to the streamer being permanently banned from the NoPixel 3.0 server last week.

Following the ban, admins on the server made it clear that his character wouldn’t be returning. Despite this, xQc ensured his viewers the ban would not carry over onto this new server and that he will be a part of it.

Many of xQc’s troubles on the 3.0 server stemmed from interactions with police, so having a dedicated server that favors crime activities and minimizes the punishment of being caught should play to the steamer’s favor.

XQc is hopeful if he proves himself while playing X on the new server, he will be allowed to return to the main server on his police character PP.

For those waiting for more xQc RP content, there is plenty to come, according to the streamer. He claims that this new NoPixel server will roll out in the coming days, but also he will be participating in the OTV and Friends Rust and Minecraft servers in the near future.