XQc permanently banned from NoPixel 3.0 server following fifth ban

It seems this could be the end for X.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

One of NoPixel 3.0’s most notorious players, xQc has yet again been banned from the server–and this time it looks to be permanent.

News of his ban was first shared by xQcOWUpdates, who pointed out that xQc’s account has been tagged as banned user in the NoPixel discord. Another piece of evidence was a forum post from an admin, stating that Jean Paul, xQc’s character, is no longer a resident of the city.

While nothing has been confirmed, it seems his fifth ban from the server came from the long-standing conflict between xQc and police officers on the server. During his most recent stream, xQc had two major interactions with police that the ban may have stemmed from. He unlocked another player’s handcuffs while handcuffed himself, and later shot down a cop during a roadside stop.

On the server, there are rules against RDM or Random Death Match, meaning that players cannot attack others without any story or roleplay building up to it. Shortly before the ban, a situation like this occurred when one of these server’s police officers, played by streamer PENTA, attempted a roadside stop of xQc and another player, before being immediately gunned down in his vehicle.

PENTA said that while he could report the act to admins, he had chosen not to. He reiterated that if xQc was to be banned for the act, he would in turn face the wrath of xQc’s community as the purported culprit of xQc’s ban.

“I’m not reporting xQc for anything, there’s no point. It’s just gonna put a target on my back,” PENTA said. “The dude has been banned three fucking times now. Why would I report him for anything, it doesn’t make any sense.”

It seems this violent act didn’t go unnoticed by the admins though, who banned xQc just a few hours later.

XQc responded to PENTA’s clip on a recent stream, explaining that by PENTA claiming that he is too scared to report, he is manipulating the situation and making the problem far worse than it appears.

During the stream, xQc said that his viewer count is often held above his head on the server, claiming that players are using it as an excuse or way out of problems.

Following the ban, some roleplayers shared thanks to xQc for his time on the server, with some even voicing their support for xQc to make a potential return

While xQc has had lengthy suspensions in the past, this looks to be the final nail in the coffin for the flamboyant crime sprees of Jean Paul.