Valkyrae lost for words after YouTube fans flock to her ‘memorable’ Times Square billboard reveal

She couldn't believe how many women showed up!

Image via Gymshark on Twitter

YouTube queen Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is the latest streaming star to feature on a billboard at Times Square in New York City, and she was blown away with how many fans came to meet her during its reveal.

The billboard was hired to announce her partnership with Gymshark, a popular fitness and accessories brand, and the launch of a new clothing collection for women.

“I am so excited to partner with Gymshark and to announce our relationship with such a huge moment in Times Square is truly unforgettable,” said the entrepreneurial YouTube star.

“Fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important to me. I cannot wait to show my fans some of the projects we are working on right now!”

Not only was Valkyrae thrilled to announce her latest business endeavor, but she also couldn’t believe how many fans came to see her, especially because most of them were women.

“Crazy having a meet-up that was mostly girls,” she said.

“So many beautiful women came to see me on such a memorable day. I have never been happier. Thank you for all the love today. I am so lucky!”

As for the men who came, Valkyrae said she appreciates every single one of them too. But, she’s never had a meet-up where women outnumbered men, she said.

Valkyrae joins a small number of streamers who have appeared on a billboard at the iconic tourist location in some shape or form, including Corpse Husband, Dr Disrespect, and Jschlatt.

Moreover, her collab with Gymshark seems like a perfect fit since she’s already committed to trying boxing and eventually taking on an opponent at Creator Clash 2.