Twitch sends shroud off to Mixer with a celebratory video recapping some of his best moments


First-person shooter legend shroud revealed last week that he was switching over to one of Twitch’s rival streaming services, Mixer. And yesterday Twitch showed that there’s evidently no bad blood between the two parties.

Twitch released a video yesterday that honors shroud’s time on the platform and wishes him good luck. And while fans may expect it to be filled with clips of insane headshots and outplays, it also showcased the streamer’s humble and generous side.

The montage begins with the former pro no scoping enemies with a sniper in CS:GO, then taking out three opponents by himself in Apex Legends. It quickly shifts to a multitude of heartwarming moments, however, such as shroud hitting 100,000 subscribers and speaking with fans at events.

But the entire second half of the video is dedicated to shroud making smaller streamers’ dreams come true. This includes a 30,000 viewer host, donating 100 gifted subs, and asking fans to subscribe to a streamer who needs help with medical bills.

Twitch’s farewell to shroud is bitter-sweet and vastly different to how the platform handled Fortnite mega star Ninja’s move to Mixer.

After contract negotiations went awry, Ninja decided streaming on Mixer would be best for his career. Twitch’s response was to use Ninja’s channel to advertise and promote other popular Fortnite broadcasters, which was never done on any other streamer’s channel previously. This decision also led to a controversial moment when a channel airing pornography was accidentally promoted on Ninja’s channel.

Though Ninja’s move to Mixer may not have been handled well, the streaming platform isn’t letting history repeat itself with its adieu to shroud.