Shroud is moving to Mixer

He's ditching Twitch.

Shroud revealed that he’ll be exclusively streaming on Microsoft’s platform Mixer today. The move comes months after top Twitch streamer Ninja also moved to Mixer in a surprising announcement.

In the teaser video for Shroud’s move to Mixer, he says that he’s “making moves” and jokes about his cat missing him. In the caption on the tweet, he claims it’ll be the “same shroud. New home.”

Shroud’s move to Mixer likely begins today, meaning he won’t be streaming on Twitch for the foreseeable future. Twitch has already removed his partner status and verified checkmark as a result of his announcement.

Viewers who go to the streamer’s new Mixer channel will be offered a free one-month subscription, similar to the deal that Ninja had when he first changed streaming platforms. The promotion ends on Nov. 22.

This move comes after Shroud joked in August about taking advantage of Ninja’s surprising partnership with Mixer, saying “it’s all me, baby.”

Some fans suspected that the original tweet was an elaborate gag, but Mixer has since confirmed that the move is a real partnership by welcoming the streamer to its platform. With Apex Legends’ Halloween event and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s release tomorrow, this seems like perfect timing for both Shroud and Mixer.