PaymoneyWubby unbanned from Twitch

He's back.

Screengrab via PaymoneyWubby

Popular Just Chatting and variety gaming streamer PaymoneyWubby had his 14-day Twitch ban removed after nearly five days last night.

Fans of Wubby will have to wait until tomorrow for his first stream, though. He said that he’ll be providing updates regarding the unban with a stream on Friday, Nov. 22 at around 4pm CT, according to his Twitch commands. 

Wubby was originally banned for 14 days because he “invaded the privacy of others” during a livestream on Nov. 16, according to Twitch support. He received a community guideline strike, so his Twitch services were restricted. 

He was streaming his trip to a restaurant where he filmed others inside. But Wubby said he got permission to stream inside of the restaurant from the manager. Twitch wasn’t aware of this and banned his account. 

Regarding the lack of information gathered by Twitch, Wubby said, “holy shit Twitch Support please fact check before pulling the trigger…”

Fans will be eagerly awaiting his return. Wubby is a popular Twitch streamer who’s amassed over 190,000 followers and two million channel views, according to SocialBlade

Since Wubby has been banned from Twitch before, another offense could result in a longer ban. This can range in length, but a second ban may result in a 30-day suspension. But since his ban was cut short, he may have this strike removed.