Most viewed Twitch streams of all time

TheGrefg holds the belt with 2.47 million.

Screengrab via Twitch/TheGrefg

The continued growth of Twitch in the past five years has resulted in an inflation of viewership numbers that make figures that were once record-breaking almost seem pedestrian. 

In 2018, Ninja notably set records as he initiated a meteoric rise of viewership on the platform by playing with celebrities like Drake, but looking back on how many people tuned into his stream, his peak viewership isn’t even among the top 10 anymore. 

While many of the peak concurrent viewership numbers have come from game publishers and esports leagues, there are some content creators who have managed to rack up impressive viewership.

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TheGrefg is the current Twitch record holder for most concurrent viewers on the platform at one time. His 2.47 million concurrent viewers came when he officially unveiled a Fortnite skin that was made specifically in his honor last January, according to TwitchTracker.

TwitchTracker’s list of all-time peak viewers only includes the top concurrent viewer count from each channel. Some channels, like TheGrefg for instance, have multiple instances in which his viewership could potentially be top-10 worthy. He also set a record during a Fortnite in-game event that he ultimately broke during his skin reveal stream.

All of the top three channels on the list of highest peak concurrent viewership are Spanish-speaking creators who had specific events that drew massive crowds. Meanwhile, half of the top 10 are either esports tournament organizations or game publishers that posted viewership for specific events or competitions.