Ludwig spends $53,000 on an hour of gaming with Shroud after streamers engage in bidding war during charity stream

It was the most expensive item at the auction.

Photo via DreamHack

Twitch streamer Maya has been hosting a charity auction over the last day to raise money for her nonprofit organization Alveus, which plans to build an exotic animal sanctuary and digital education center.

Throughout the duration of the stream, Maya raised over $500,000. But one item sold for by far the most: an hour of gaming with popular Twitch streamer Shroud.

As soon as “the item” went on auction, it didn’t take long before it reached tens of thousands of dollars. Eventually, a bidding war around the $50,000 mark started with multiple different streamers making offers.

Some of the front runners in the auction were Ludwig and a smaller streamer named Rizenbr, among a range of different bidders.

Ultimately, Ludwig took home the hour with a winning bid of $53,000.

This item was the most expensive of the day followed by a golden shovel signed by Sodapoppin that was sold to Mizkif for $31,000 after the highest bidder failed to fulfill the transaction.

Overall, the stream appeared to be a great success for Maya, who managed to raise a massive portion of her $500,000 goal throughout the stream.