‘I’ve lost my mojo’: Disguised Toast is having doubts about his Twitch streaming future

The OfflineTV star has hit the doldrums.

Screengrab via OfflineTV on YouTube

Disguised Toast is in a streaming rut and he can’t get out: the enigmatic Twitch star feels like he’s “lost his mojo” and can’t figure out what his fans want anymore, a feeling that has only been compounded after a three-week break.

“I can’t figure out how to do content anymore,” Toast admitted to his streaming community in one of his first streams back following his Japan break.

Some things come naturally to the Twitch streamer, he explained, like playing Among Us, but the meta around Innersloth’s betrayal-heavy game is well in the past. Toast did find a heaping of success streaming anime⁠—a move he said was to “shine a spotlight” on Twitch rules⁠—but that too has come and gone.

It’s been weighing heavy on the 30-year-old recently.

“I’m sure there’s content somewhere…” he said. “You know why [it’s hard]? Because it’s been three weeks since I did content and I forgot how to do it. Especially IRL streams. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve lost my mojo!”

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Toast continued: “Sometimes I’m just sitting there wondering why people are watching my content. It’s so weird. Like, why would you watch a guy eat Disneyland snacks? Why did one million people watch me eat Disneyland snacks?”

The Twitch star is, of course, referring to a famous Nov. 2021 stream where he visited the iconic theme park and, muckbang style, tried the snack offerings.

It was a simple stream, but the 12-minute highlight vlog quickly became one of Disguised Toast’s most popular YouTube uploads ever with a little over 1,620,000 views.

The video proved something Toast seems to be forgetting⁠—the OfflineTV co-founder has carefully built a personality-driven fandom eager to support him.

On Twitch alone he boasts 2,640,304 loyal followers. There’s a similar fandom tuning into his videos on YouTube too: he has 3.72 million subscribers on the Google-owned website and has failed to crack a million views on a video just four times in his last twenty uploads on his main “Toast” profile.

On top of that, he’s fast on his way to 100,000,000 channel views on Twitch.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast on Twitch

The 30-year-old did not specifically talk about taking a Twitch break again any time soon and Dot Esports doesn’t expect that to be his response.

“I know I’m just getting in my own head,” Toast eventually added.

“I always do this every now and then. I try and think about why people watch me and I try to play into that. Among Us is easy [for that]. When it comes to IRL content, I wonder why people are watching me. It’s throwing me off right now.”

Toast’s first stream after OfflineTV’s three-week trip (where he revealed he stayed in Japan) hit a 15.2k broadcast peak across just two hours and change live.