Disguised Toast gets double impostor kill in Among Us with flawless gotcha

Case solved.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast

Streamer Disguised Toast might have pulled off the slickest exposé in a game of Among Us, revealing two impostors in under a minute last night.

The clip started off with Toast calling for an emergency meeting. Before any discussion even began, the streamer made a bold proclamation.

“Oh, you are gonna wish you killed me when you had the chance,” Toast said to Neytiri.

Neytiri vehemently denied that she was the impostor before Toast started his slick interrogation.

“No one say anything,” Toast said. “Sydney, why didn’t you do the card swipe?”

Swipe Card is classified as a common task in Among Us. Crewmates have differing task lists, but if a common task is selected, every person will need to complete it.

Neytiri said she had already done it before trying to divert attention away from herself by asking if Toast had been “camping the card swipe all game.”

Toast then moved on to his next target, posing the same question to yvonnie. When she also replied that she had done the task, Toast began to laugh, knowing that he had uncovered the two impostors.

Toast revealed that the card swipe wasn’t a viable objective for the crewmates. Since Neytiri and yvonnie both said they completed the task, it was a dead giveaway that they were lying about their legitimacy.

“God damn it, Toast. I forgot I’m playing with Disguised Toast detective,” Neytiri said. “What an error. I should have known as soon as he asked.”

Toast went on to explain that he was purely working off a hunch. After Neytiri implicated herself, Toast realized that yvonnie had also gone to the card swipe station, so tried his luck.

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It worked beyond his wildest dreams and Polus was saved once again thanks to Toast’s sublime investigative skills.

You can find more of Toast and his 200 IQ plays on his Facebook stream or YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can grab a copy of Among Us for yourself on Android, IOS, or PC and execute your own game-winning strategies.