Dellor allegedly indefinitely banned from Twitch after self-harming

Dellor has been suspended from Twitch again.

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Ex-professional Overwatch player Matt “Dellor” Vaughn has been allegedly indefinitely banned from Twitch for self-harming months after he was banned for sexist comments in May.

Dellor revealed that he’s been permanently banned from Twitch today after he allegedly broke a keyboard on stream. Although the details aren’t clear, Dellor must have hit his keyboard over his head, destroying it and supposedly injuring himself, which is a violation of the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS). 

But he included a picture of his face to show that there was no harm done, suggesting that his outburst didn’t break the rules.

His stream lasted for around two to three hours before he posted the complaint to Twitter. “I bought these keyboards specifically because of how cheap and fragile they are,” Dellor said. “I’ve broken hundreds of them and have never even scratched myself.”

Dellor was banned in May after he was seen harassing a female teammate in Apex Legends. During the heated exchange, Dellor said “go fucking cook a fucking sandwich you fucking bitch.” This was a clear violation of the Twitch ToS and he was banned for 30 days. 

Bans on Twitch tend to follow a hierarchy. If a person has been banned repeatedly in the past, they’re more likely to get permanently banned if they break the ToS again. Dellor’s channel was likely permanently banned because he’s received several bans in the past and a recent 30-day suspension.

But since there’s no evidence of self-harm, Dellor argued that this permanent ban is unfair because he didn’t break the ToS.