Streamer returns from suspension after sexist comments, learns he’s lost partnership

Dellor was suspended after lambasting an Apex Legends player in April.

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Disclaimer: This article contains links to a clip that uses graphic language and racial slurs.

Twitch streamer and competitive Apex Legends player Matt “Dellor” Vaughn returned to the platform today after several Terms of Service (ToS) violations, including a recent sexist outburst, led to a 30-day suspension. But upon returning, Dellor learned he had lost his Twitch partnership.

In April, Dellor was playing Apex Legends and began harassing a female teammate. Dellor got angry with her for apparently hogging loot and responded by calling her names, telling her to stop playing video games, and finally exclaiming, “go fucking cook a fucking sandwich you fucking bitch.”

During his first stream back upon completing the suspension, he broke down in tears as he told his viewers that he had lost his partnership.

“The only {Twitch} contact I had said that they can’t fucking help me anyore,” Dellor said. “I had 2,000 subs, man.”

Dellor is unlikely to receive any sympathy from the Twitch community considering the repeated instances of toxic and offensive behavior. The most notable instance of his behavior may be a 2017 Overwatch clip in which Dellor repeatedly yelled a racial slur at a teammate.

Aside from the blatant sexism and racism, Dellor is also infamous for his raging and overall toxic behavior toward teammates.

It’s likely that Twitch chose to remove his partnership after taking the April incident into consideration with every other instance of poor behavior.