Cloakzy and FaZe Clan officially part ways after 4 years

The drama is done and Cloakzy is now a free agent.

Screengrab via Tfue

Content creator and FPS competitor Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore has officially parted ways with FaZe Clan after spending four years with the organization. 

Cloakzy, who was previously the captain of FaZe’s Fortnite roster, has been in a dispute with the organization since a public spat about the contract between FaZe and his former teammate and fellow content creator Turner “Tfue” Tenney. 

Tfue took legal action against FaZe after he tried to terminate his contract with the organization following disputes surrounding the revenue split the team was taking. The two sides have since “settled their litigations” according to several reports, but that didn’t end Cloakzy’s ongoing issues with FaZe. 

Cloakzy has claimed multiple times that he has reached out to FaZe about potential contract buyouts or ways he could get away from the team in a more formal way than his teammate did. Despite the organization openly stating it would be open to transfer proposals and work with the player as he departed the team, nothing came from it. 

While still under contract with FaZe, Cloakzy had very little to do with the organization, being listed as inactive on the team’s competitive rosters since the disagreements started in June 2019. The player has openly noted that his contract was set to end in 2021, with his original deal being signed in 2017 and allegedly being a four-year contract. 

As of now, Cloakzy plans to return to competing again, though he is unsure if it will be in Fortnite, VALORANT, or another game. He also plans to run solo for now as a free agent, but is open to potentially joining another team in the future.