How to get Power Circuits in Starfield

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Power Circuits are a common requirement for players who complete their fair share of puzzles around Starfield’s vast universe. The crafting component is used to supply power and complete puzzles, so it’s always a decent idea to have some in your inventory.

Like most crafting items, there are multiple ways to get Power Circuits in Starfield. You can purchase them from various vendors or use the Industrial Workbench and craft them yourself.

Considering I visit all the vendors nearby wherever I go in Starfield, I found that buying Power Circuits in bulk from shops is a much easier way compared to crafting. If you also know how to earn money faster in Starfield, your credit balance won’t be a problem.

Where to buy Power Circuits in Starfield

Power Circuit in Starfield.
It also looks like a car battery. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can buy Power Circuits in Starfield from the following vendors.

  1. Jemison — New Atlantis — Outland
  2. Jemison — The Well — Apex Electronic
  3. Mars — Cydonia — UC Exchange
  4. Mars — Cydonia — Denis Averin
  5. Volii Alpha — Neon — Sieghart’s Outfitters
  6. Suvorov — The Key — General Goods
  7. Gagarin — Gagarin Landing — Clint’s Collectibles

How to craft Power Circuits in Starfield

You can also craft Power Circuits with the following materials at the nearest Industrial Workbench.

  • Four Palladiums
  • Two Polymers
  • A Positron Battery
  • A Paramagnon Conductor

Before you can start crafting Power Circuits, you’ll need to rank up your Special Projects skill. Get Special Projects to rank three, and you’ll be crafting Power Circuits in no time.

If you don’t have one already, you can get research stations, workbenches, and crafting stations on your ship, so you won’t need to land on a planet every time you need to use one.

Power Circuits will also be a common sight while building bases in the best planets for Outposts, so keeping a few on you can save you a trip to the nearest vendor, which can take a few minutes depending on your hardware.


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