StarCraft: Remastered will be released in August

Fans can preorder the game now.
Nicole Carpenter - a month agoStarCraft

South Korean presidential candidate targets StarCraft fans with free map

Does it tell us something about his politics? Probably not.
Callum Leslie - 3 months agoStarCraft

Some of history’s best Brood War players will be competing in the ASL’s third season

If you were ever looking at getting into Brood War, now’s the time.
Sam Nordmark - 4 months agoStarCraft

Blizzard revives classic RTS with StarCraft Remastered

Blizzard’s 1998 intergalactic RTS is getting a facelift.
Malcolm Abbas - 4 months agoStarCraft

Blizzard rumored to release remake of StarCraft: Brood War this year

The remake will apparently not impact the gameplay of the original title, released in 1999.
Sam Nordmark - 4 months agoStarCraft

Starcraft legend Jaedong retires

After a career spanning nearly 11 years, he’s calling it quits.
Sam Nordmark - 9 months agoStarCraft