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Sung Jinwoo as Shadow Monarch in Solo Leveling Arise holding his left hand up with an ability
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Solo Leveling Arise beginner’s guide: 10 tips and tricks to level up and finish story fast

Find out the best ways to level up, unlock SSR weapons and Hunters, and more in Solo Leveling Arise.

After seven weeks of early access, Solo Leveling Arise launched globally on May 8, 2024. Your objective is simple—increase your Total Power and battle stronger foes while uncovering the secret behind the sudden appearance of gates and magical powers in this world. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

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Here’s our Solo Leveling Arise beginner’s guide, which will help you avoid making the same mistakes we did and let you quickly finish the story mode.

10 tips to get you started with Solo Leveling Arise

Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling Arise with his Shadow Army
A new Monarch is here. Image via Netmarble

Unlock SSR weapons and Hunters early

Solo Leveling Arise has a gacha system for weapons and Hunters, so make sure you’re constantly rerolling in Solo Leveling Arise. You can continue playing on that account once you’ve unlocked Hunters like Seo Jiwoo or Cha Hae-In. Performing rerolls will also allow you to unlock some of the best weapons, which are ideal for quickly clearing boss fights.

Level up the correct stats

Stats breakdown for Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling Arise
Precision increases with Perception. You can check your stats breakdown by clicking the magnifying glass. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can increase Sung Jinwoo’s Total Power every time you level up. While most players sail through the first few chapters of the story, you might struggle during and after Chapter Six, Kang Taeshik. We recommend leveling up only two stats: Strength and Perception. There’s no specific value you need to reach for these stats, but aim to have your Precision over 90 percent throughout the game.

Don’t worry if you’ve leveled up some other stats; you can always reset for 5,000 gold plus 500 gold for every level Sung Jinwoo gained.

Be sure to log in daily and claim rewards

Activity Funds window in Solo Leveling Arise
Activity Funds have a 24-hour cap. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Given that Solo Leveling Arise is available on PC and mobile and supports cross-progression, it’s easy to log into the game daily. This lets you collect the daily check-in items, with the final rewards for the two check-ins being beneficial. Additionally, make sure to claim Activity Funds once every day, ideally after the reset in Solo Leveling Arise. While the XP gained from the Activity Funds depends on time, Special Funds are available once daily after the reset. 

Use your Sweep points

Farming Gates is one of the best ways to level up in Solo Leveling Arise. To increase your efficiency, we’ve figured out the best way to do so during your day’s first login:

  1. Head to the Gates.
  2. Rescan and adjust the difficulty to lower than the maximum. For example, if the maximum difficulty setting is 12, set it to eight.
  3. Select a gate and click on Sweep.
  4. A new window will open, letting you check your Current Total Power, Sweep Condition, and Sweep Points available.
  5. Use your points to clear the gate. Repeat this until you exhaust your Sweep Points for Sung Jinwoo and Hunters.

Keys don’t carry over to the next day, so make sure you exhaust them before the daily reset.

When you clear the first 10 gates daily, you’ll also earn the Gate Mission Rewards that give you substantial XP.

Get instant rewards with redeem codes

You can redeem huge rewards like Essence Stones and gold using codes in Solo Leveling Arise. While the developers add new codes regularly, they remove the old ones every few weeks, so make sure you’re checking for codes occasionally.

Dive into the hard mode

You unlock the story’s hard mode after completing Chapter Seven in the normal mode. If you’re stuck on a boss fight in the normal mode, start dipping your toe into the hard mode because each quest gives you plenty more XP, gold, and other rewards. Considering you’ve already leveled up Sung Jinwoo fairly in the regular mode, the first few chapters in the hard mode will be relatively easy to clear.

Don’t level up all the Hunters

Increasing Hunter level in Solo Leveling Arise from 53 to 55
Just two levels require 27,900 gold. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Leveling up Hunters drains the highest amount of gold, and you also need this resource for other activities. We recommend leveling up only four to five members, especially if they are SSR Hunters or one of each elemental type: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark.

Your Sung Jinwoo build matters

While weapons are essential to your build in Solo Leveling Arise, Artifacts, and skills play a crucial role in letting you debuff your enemies and increase your Total Power. We recommend using sets of Artifacts instead of randomly equipping based on their levels since complete sets provide better buffs during combat. We also recommend running the skills according to the attributes against which bosses are weak.

Complete your challenges

There are 23 chapters with 818 missions in the Challenges section. Completing these requires several finishing activities, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort. You can claim an SSR weapon, Shadow Scythe (first mission in Chapter 9), and unlock useful SR weapons for boss fights. For example, after completing the second mission in Chapter Five, we unlocked the Lustrous Dragon Sword, which was very effective against Chapter Eight’s final boss, Igris.

Remember to mine the gates

Rewards for completing Mining in Solo Leveling Arise
Several rewards for free. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you’ve cleared the gates, you can mine them and extract resources like Essence Stones and gold. It’s a passive process; you only need to dispatch your team and collect rewards after the mentioned time. Mining consistently will let you rack up an abundance of resources.

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