How to wave dash in Rocket League

Take your Rocket League skills to the next level with wave dashing.

Image vis Psyonix

Wave dashing is an intermediate Rocket League technique which can be used to quickly generate speed while conserving boost and fully maintaining control of your car.

While wave dashing is more challenging to pull off than some of the simpler techniques for acceleration, it is an exceedingly valuable tool to have in in your arsenal. Here’s how to wave dash in Rocket League.

What is wave dashing?

Wave Dashing in a maneuver which essentially allows you to cancel a a directional dodge while still accruing all of the forward momentum that the dodge would have given you. In short, this technique allows you to gain the speed of a dodge, but in a quicker time frame and without committing to a directional dodge.

Wave dashing is considered a fundamental skill for players competing at the highest levels of the game. It has many useful applications on both attack and defense. Once you learn how to incorporate the wave dash into your gameplay, you may wonder how you didn’t master this relatively simple technique sooner.

How to wave dash

The best place to learn how to wave dash initially is in a free play match. The basic forward wave dash is performed as follows:

  • While moving forward, jump into the air with a single jump.
  • While in the air, tilt your car nose back slightly so that you land on just your back wheels.
  • Just as your back wheels touch the ground, execute a forward dodge.

When this is all timed correctly, the forward dodge which is activated as your back wheels land will still happen. But since your back wheels are on the ground, the ground ends up cancelling the dodge’s flip movement and instead transferring all the dodge’s momentum into your car’s forward acceleration. This technique isn’t too difficult to do either, it just takes a little practice to get the timing down.

You can also wave dash sideways. The process for the side wave dash is essentially the same as a front wave dash, but turned 90 degrees. Jump into the air, air roll your car slightly in one direction, and as the wheels land on the turf, dodge in the opposite direction. Not much will happen during a side wave dash if you don’t hold down your power slide button, so keep that in mind when performing this maneuver.

With a little practice, you can also pull off a diagonal version of the wave dash, but it’s a much more technical maneuver than the front or side wave dashes. Like with the side wave dash, this wave dash requires that you hold down your manual break if you want to keep any of the momentum generated by the technique.

All of the different types of wave dash can be used to immediately build speed in game, even if you start your wave dash standing still. You can also chain them together to traverse the field even faster than flipping across the field. You will often see professionals doing this very thing. And since this technique is so easy to throw into a combo, you can also use wave dashes to compliment other movement abilities like traditional dodges and aerials.

When to wave dash

Wave dashes are useful anytime you need to build a little momentum and are especially useful when you have no boost. While it takes a second to jump and land, the total time of the wave dash technique is still lower than a full traditional air dodge maneuver, making it the preferable technique for picking up extra speed.

Wave dashes also take less space to pull off than a full air dodge, so they can be used to gain momentum even when space is limited. So if you are, for example, chasing a ball and have no boost, you can activate a quick wave dash to catch the ball without overshooting it with a full air dodge. Or if you are trying to get to the goal for a save, but have no boost, you can use the wave dash to quickly build speed and arrive at your goal in complete control of your car.

Using wave dashes also helps conserve your limited boost supply, for times when you have boost but need to save it. Why use boost to build speed, when a wave dash can actually build up your momentum faster without using any boost?

With so many useful applications, learning to wave dash can revolutionize the way you play Rocket League and help bring your game to the next level.