How to accept license agreement in Rocket League

Accepting the license agreement can be confusing.

Image via Psyonix

Before players can enjoy Rocket League online, they must accept the license agreement, which usually appears when players first log-in and reappear when the agreement is adjusted. Some players accidentally click past the license agreement, or an error prevents the message from appearing. 

Not accepting the license agreement can prevent players from playing Rocket League, and understanding how to find the agreement can be confusing. Two simple methods should get you back in the game in no time, though. 

The license agreement usually appears when players log-in to Rocket League, so restarting the game will typically show the message again. This is a common issue with players that leave Rocket League open for an extended period. Restarting the game usually fixes the problem. 

Some players have reported waiting a few seconds before entering the main menu will make the license agreement message appear, but this is not a guaranteed method. 

If you are still unable to find the license agreement, you can navigate to the Legal Agreements section in the main menu. Players must open Rocket League, navigate to the Extras section in the main menu, and select Legal Agreements. 

Players will find the EULA, Terms of Service, and Privacy in this section. Open each agreement and select OK to accept. This should resolve any issues with the license agreement and allow players to participate in the online portion of Rocket League

The license agreement is periodically adjusted, and players will have to agree each time it is updated. Remember to restart your game or manually find the legal agreements to quickly get back in the game.