The original PUBG map is being remastered

PUBG is looking to give its oldest map an updated look.

Image via PUBG Corp.

Through several players datamining the PUBG test servers, we now know that the dev team is working on remastering Erangel, the original PUBG map.

Those datamined leaks were confirmed in an official statement from the PUBG dev team after players were left to speculate for several days.

“As some of you inferred from some recent leaks of a map image, we are working on new ways to balance loot and otherwise improve our maps, Erangel being the first,” the team said on the official PUBG blog. “The addition of compounds is just one way we’re testing internally, but is certainly not the ONLY way.”

Old “Tier 3” Map via Battlegrounds

As the letter said, the main function of these changes made to Erangel is in an attempt to balance out loot drops and generally improve a map that has a lot of flaws. Of course, adding more compounds, potentially upping the high tier item drops in certain areas, and messing with some of the terrains are other aspects the leak showed. But the PUBG team was firm in saying most of those changes are just them testing things.

New “Tier 3” Map via u/bizzfarts

“We understand that loot balance is a very important part of the game but also recognize that the map layout is just as important, so we’re working hard to ensure that any changes made to either will feel good when completed,” the team said. “We plan to start testing several potential changes to Erangel soon, and will share our plans for these tests in the coming weeks.”

Just looking at the comparison image shows that these changes aren’t being taken lightly. The increase in “Tier 3” buildings is very large and could drastically change where players prefer to drop and swap hotspots on the oldest, most familiar map in the game.

In the main thread discussing these potential changes on Reddit, it appears players are excited for most of them, especially the potential increase of loot on a map that is criticized for lacking it. But players are also wary of how the addition of so many new buildings will affect the gameplay.

At the moment, none of the changes are permanent and the PUBG team likely won’t make any of them official until they get a good amount of feedback from players on the test servers as they roll the trials out.

“Keep in mind that leaked images are usually just a snapshot in time and rarely represent the entire plan or scope of what’s being worked on,” the team said.”We’re excited for you to see the full picture, along with the level of thought and work the team have been putting into remastering this fundamental map. More importantly, we’re excited to test it alongside you. Your feedback will be crucial in making Erangel as fun and exciting in the current PUBG environment as it was when we first launched.”

Expect more information as the tests continue and more people have a chance to play the map with the changes included in the coming weeks.