PUBG is finally getting its own pinging system with Radio Messages

Communication just got a whole lot easier.

Image via PUBG Corp

PUBG is finally trying its hand at one of the most beloved features across the battle royale genre: the pinging system.

Today’s 30th update to the game’s test servers introduced the Radio Message—a text-based ping wheel that gives players the chance to quickly communicate with their teammates with one of eight different messages.

With the Radio Message, players can alert their allies of enemies and their distance, request more ammo, or ping the direction they would like to travel towards. Additionally, players can ping care packages or loot items they find on the ground to relay the locations to their teammates.

Currently, the Radio Message feature is available only on the PC testing server, but it will be added to live servers in the future. To open the Radio Message wheel, PC users will need to hold the mouse wheel of F3 key. Teammates can be individually muted from the Team Management window.

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In addition to a new pinging system, today’s patch introduced a new vehicle, the Desert Eagle handgun, improved gas cans, and the ability to grab ledges, allowing players to climb up fences or onto roofs. The full list of patch notes for today’s update can be found on the game’s official website.