What moves does Inteleon know in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Unrivaled Tera Raid event?

This one is really odd.

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Sometimes you just run into a seven-star Tera Raid event and aren’t ready for the moves the raid boss has. This can be the difference between winning and losing a raid, especially with Pokémon like the Unrivaled Inteleon and its weird moveset. 

In this event, Inteleon has an Ice Tera Type, and many players were preparing for a Critical Hit-based gimmick moveset that would take advantage of its Hidden Ability, Sniper. However, the moves that Game Freak actually gave the Pokémon don’t really do that and fail to cover some of the weaknesses its new type gives it.

Instead of an actual gimmick, Inteleon is just going to try and hit hard with odd options to impact the battle through stat boosts, which will make it easier to tackle for experienced players.

What moves does Inteleon know in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Unrivaled Tera Raid event?

Instead of another Critical Hit-focused raid event, the Unrivaled Inteleon doesn’t really have a gimmick. This is the first time in several months a seven-star Tera Raid doesn’t have some type of thing the Pokémon specifically does other than attacking.

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Using Snowscape, it can boost its own Defense stat while removing other Pokémon’s stat changes using Mist. It also has Tearful Look, for some reason, which will lower the Attack and Special Attack stats for any Pokémon hit with it.

Here are all the moves Unriavled Inteleon can use during the event. 

  • Blizzard
  • Snipe Shot
  • Dark Pulse
  • Tearful Look
  • Mist
  • Snowscape


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