The Pokémon Company officially unveils Battle Region packaging, first cards from Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The set contains spoilers for the new game, so marketing was delayed a bit.

Screengrab via The Pokémon Company

After several small bits of news and the full card list being shared, The Pokémon Company has officially revealed some of the more hidden aspects of the upcoming Pokémon OCG set Battle Region

Battle Region, which will release on Feb. 25, had some elements hidden for longer than other Pokémon products because it contains content that may be considered as spoilers for the newly released Pokémon Legends: Arceus game. 

The set itself contains a mix of Pokémon from the Sinnoh region, the addition of the new Sparkling Pokémon card variant, and the first introduction of multiple new Pokémon from the Hisui region, which is featured in Legends: Arceus. This includes all three of the new Hisuian regional evolutions of Typhlosion, Decideueye, and Samurott. 

One interesting aspect to note, as pointed out by Serebii webmaster Joe Merrick, is the distinction that Basculin and Basculegion are labeled as Hisuian forms even though neither of them actually are in the games. This was likely done to differentiate them from other Basculin cards and prevent Basculegion from being used in unintended ways, though that is just speculation at the moment. 

Along with the first Hisuian Pokémon being added, there are also Character Rares featuring Misty and Starmie and Cynthia and Garchomp. The Sparkling Pokémon included in the set are Greninja, Hawlucha, and Heatran.