How to evolve Kubfu in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion

You must first complete your training before reaching the next stage.

Screengrab via Nintendo

If you’ve already started your journey around the Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s new expansion, then you probably want to know how to complete your training with Master Mustard. 

The final stage in your training at the Master Dojo is befriending a Kubfu that was gifted to you by Mustard and helping it reach its full potential. 

You’ll first need to max out your friendship with the Wushu Pokémon and show Mustard that you’ve been diligently training your newest team member. This can be done by feeding it berries, running around the Wild Area with Kubfu in your party, or simply training it through battles. 

Once Mustard recognizes your bond, he’ll take you outside of the dojo and point you in the direction of two towers. You’ll decide between embarking north to the Tower of Darkness or traveling to the beach and entering the Tower of Water. 

Whichever direction you pick, you’ll need to enter the tower and battle all of the trainers inside with your Kubfu. Once you reach the final floor, you’ll be challenged by Mustard himself, who will battle you with his own Kubfu. 

By defeating Mustard, you’ll gain access to one of the scrolls stored at the top of the individual towers. Depending on which path you chose, your Kubfu will read the corresponding tower’s scroll and evolve into an Urshifu that adopts the secondary typing of that tower. 

For besting the Tower of Water, you’ll receive Rapid Strike Form and the Water-type move Surging Strikes. Conquering the Tower of Darkness will lead you to master the Single Strike Style and the Dark-type move Wicked Blow. 

Both evolutions will happen automatically, so all you need to do is beat Mustard to obtain them.