The best Overwatch pick-up lines

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As Valentine’s Day threatens to sneak up on gamers everywhere, love connections are at the forefront of most people’s minds. 

The best pick-up line is always a simple hello, but some fans might be looking for quips that are a little more relevant to their gameplay. Whether you’re looking to impress a possible duo partner or gently annoy your entire team, this comprehensive list of terrible Overwatch pick-up lines should do the trick.  

These lines are sorted by role and hero so you can quickly look up the perfect groan-inducing pun to fit your team’s composition. Remember to be responsible and courteous with your use of pick-up lines. 


  • I may not stay on the payload, but I’ll never leave you. 
  • This relationship feels like an Assault map—it’ll never end. 
  • I love you more than pros love King’s Row. 
  • My SR might not be rising, but my heart rate is. 
  • I love you so much, I’d spend an entire DPS queue talking to you. 



  • You may not get my Nano Boost, but you can have my heart. 
  • Age before beauty—at least we know what we’re doing. 


  • I’ll put an Immortality Field down. You might faint when I show you my abs. 
  • Let me amplify our love. 


  • I guess I could give you a kiss to the face instead of a mace to the face.  
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ll be your shield if you’ll be mine too.


  • I’m ready to amp this relationship up. 
  • You’re sweeter than a bowl of Lúcio-Ohs.


  • Need a rez? I see I’ve accidentally slain you with my beauty.
  • I promise I won’t call the whambulance on you. 
  • You’ve turned this Valkyrie into a Val-care-ie. 


  • Let us create some questionable science together.  
  • You make my heart bounce wilder than a Damage Orb in a hallway. 


  • Embrace tranquility. Then embrace me. 
  • Our relationship shows no signs of Discord. 



  • I’d ask B.O.B. to do something, but he’s already stolen my heart.
  • You’re hotter than Dynamite. 


  • [Series of beeps] You make my heart flutter like Ganymede’s wings. 


  • Will you be my huckleberry? 
  • You know what they say about savin’ horses… 


  • For you, I’ll say chivalry isn’t dead.
  • Will you hold my hand? No, not the weaponized one. The other one. 


  • No one can Duplicate our love. 
  • My systems go into overdrive around you. 


  • The heart of a man still beats inside me. It belongs to you.
  • Even the sharpest blade could not separate us.  


  • I might not be Cupid, but I can still hit you with an arrow. 


  • You’re hotter than the Outback and twice as dangerous. I like that.  
  • My hair might be on fire, but so is my heart.


  • You make my Ice Walls come crashing down.
  • Sorry for the Blizzard. I just wanted to break the ice.


  • Let’s take to the skies together. You aren’t afraid of heights, are you? 
  • I’m glad our romance doesn’t need a boost. 


  • I would probably kill you last. 
  • Will you be mine, mine, mine?  


  • Your heart? Target acquired. 
  • I can run through your mind all day and my legs still won’t hurt. 


  • I’d ask for your number, but I already have it. (via Reddit
  • Take me to dinner with this money I… borrowed. 


  • Want to go into the car wash with me? 
  • Barriers mean nothing to us. 


  • I love you almost as much as I love turrets. Almost. 


  • Are these moves making you dizzy or is it just me? 
  • I’d Recall just to spend more time with you. 


  • I always want to have you in my sights.
  • [Sighs] No, I will not say “omelette du fromage” again.  



  • I’d let you be my player two, even if you’re a noob. 
  • I’ll put down my Defense Matrix for you. 


  • I do not have to fortify my heart around you. 
  • Halt! Come closer to me and get a hug.


  • Will you be my sweethardt this year?  
  • I’ll put on the Hasselhoff, you bring the wine.  


  • You’re bacon me nervous.  
  • I’m so hooked on you.  


  • Gravity always pulls me back to you. 
  • How do you feel about advanced astrophysics? Because you’re out of this world. 


  • You’re the peanut butter to my monkey. 
  • I never mind hanging around with you.

Wrecking Ball 

  • [Chirping] He says you’re hot. 


  • I can deadlift you. I hope you’re into that. 
  • Our love is stronger than my Graviton Surge. 


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