Soldier:76 steals Lúcio player’s quadruple environmental kill in Overwatch

You can feel the anger in this clip.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Throwing opponents off the map is one of the most satisfying ways to get rid of your enemies in Overwatch, yet only a handful of heroes are capable of attaining such a feat. Seeing these types of kills show up in the feed can be very therapeutic, unless they’re attributed to someone else.

A Lúcio player achieved a coveted environmental kill as on Oasis’ Gardens map thanks to his awareness of the opposing team using the back-end shortcut of the point to flank. However, an allied Soldier:76 threw a perfectly timed Helix Rocket before the enemies fell down, stealing the Lúcio’s quadruple environmental kill, as seen in a Reddit clip.

The Lúcio player, taken aback by what had just occurred, took a moment to stop in their tracks and stare at Soldier:76 from afar. They then skated over to their ally, who was teabagging in place, clearly recognizing that they had just taken all of the credit for a play that Lúcio thought out methodically. 

The Play Of The Game for this match went to Soldier:76, the Lúcio player revealed, for taking the four kills that Lúcio worked so hard to obtain. From his perspective, Soldier:76 appeared to run away while the kills appeared on the feed, possibly in disbelief of his play or seemingly knowing that Lúcio’s wrath was imminent.

Environmental kills, though rare and not attainable on every map, are not only rewarding for one’s ego, but also act as a way to make a player “on fire” very quickly while raising their ultimate charge. Luckily for this Lúcio player, this specific hero thrives on environmental kills, so it likely won’t be the last opportunity they have to throw someone off a map.