Overwatch League drops Flying Ace Winston skin to commemorate inaugural season champions London Spitfire

Celebrate the Spitfire's season one victory with a new Legendary Winston skin.

Photo by Patrick Dodson via Blizzard Entertainment

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The Overwatch League is introducing a new tradition called Championship skins to celebrate its season champions, and the London Spitfire are stepping up as the first team to receive this year’s honor: a new pilot-themed look for Winston.

Named Flying Ace, the skin features Winston in an orange and baby blue pilot’s outfit, fully equipped with a pair of brown leather gloves and a navy-blue aviator hat. The gorilla’s jacket shows off the London Spitfire emblem, which lies beneath a tiny golden star to symbolize the European team’s victory over the Philadelphia Fusion in the season one grand finals.

The skin is also an homage to British Spitfire pilots who flew in World War II. Winston sports a lush mustache, a popular style choice during the time period, and a pair of Spitfire-inspired jets rest on the gorilla’s back.

Fans will be able to purchase the new Winston skin from the game’s Overwatch League tab for 200 League Tokens across all platforms from Aug. 29 to Sept. 16.

The London Spitfire will look to repeat history as the season two playoffs approach. The European team are in sixth place in the Overwatch League’s season two standings with a 16-11 record going into week four of the fourth and final stage.

Once the stage wraps up with week five, the top-four teams will join the New York Excelsior and the Vancouver Titans, the Atlantic and Pacific champions, respectively, in automatically qualifying for the playoff bracket. The seventh through 12th-place teams will then go toe-to-toe to see which two squads will earn a spot in the quarterfinals.