Overwatch’s winter skin reveals continue with Biathlon Widowmaker

Skin reveals will continue until the event starts on Dec. 11.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A few Overwatch heroes are getting new winter-themed skins for Winter Wonderland 2018. The third iteration of Overwatch’s winter seasonal event, Winter Wonderland 2018 begins on Dec. 11 and continues until Jan. 2.

Skin reveals have been rolling out since the event was confirmed. And the next to get a holiday look is Biathlon Widowmaker. “Ready to win frost place,” Blizzard wrote on the official Overwatch Twitter. “Go for the gold as BIATHLON WIDOWMAKER (Legendary)!”

The new skin is pink, white, and navy blue and has Widowmaker rocking a skin-tight skiing outfit, which includes some goggles.

Alongside the new Winter Wonderland skins, the older outfits from past years will return, unlockable at lower prices. Seasonal brawls Mei’s Yeti Hunt and Snowball Offensive will also be playable during the three-week period. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan said in October that new brawls aren’t a focus for the Overwatch team, so at best, the old ones will get small tweaks this year.

Overwatch maps Blizzard World, Hanamura, and King’s Row will turn snow-covered for the duration of the event. Little holiday Easter eggs and decorations are spread across these three maps specifically for the Winter Wonderland event. It’s just a little way for Blizzard to add holiday cheer to even your most grueling ranked matches.

Blizzard will continue revealing its new Winter Wonderland Overwatch skins right up until the event starts on Dec. 11.