Watch the Overwatch voice actors do their characters’ dance

The cutest voice actors ever? We think so.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

On Overwatch’s one year anniversary, Blizzard released the Overwatch Anniversary event. The celebration introduced skins, maps, voice lines, and dance emotes.

Each and every Overwatch hero has their own dance—and they’re all amazing. But you know what’s more amazing? Watching Overwatch’s passionate voice actors bust out their dancing shoes to take on their characters’ new emotes.

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In a video posted to Twitter by Zenyatta voice actor Feodor Chin, a group of six Overwatch voice actors show off their steps together. From left to right, there’s Lúcio voice actor Jonny Cruz, Roadhog voice actor Josh Petersdorf, Symmetra voice actor Anjali Bhimani, Chin, Genji voice actor Gaku Space, and Torbjörn voice actor Keith Silverstein.

Bhimani is clearly the best dancer of the group, but everyone gets points for enthusiasm.

But Overwatch’s voice actors showing passion for the game isn’t new. Some of the most dedicated voice actors in video games, Overwatch’s actors have really embraced the characters they play—and that’s only of benefit to Overwatch fans worldwide looking to interact with the franchise in new ways.