Overwatch support Moira is a banshee for Halloween


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Just days away from Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2018 event, Blizzard revealed the next spooky skin. This time, it’s for Moira.

The Overwatch support will be donning banshee attire for the Halloween Terror event, which begins Oct. 9 and continues through Oct. 31. “An ominous portent,” Blizzard wrote from the Overwatch Twitter account. “Haunt down your enemies as Banshee Moira (legendary)! Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct. 9.”

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The banshee look is fitting for Moira, who hails from Ireland. Banshees are female spirits that are mythologized in Irish folklore. Banshees are known for their high-pitched screams that announce family deaths. They don’t always have red hair, which  is how popular culture typically portrays them. Overwatch’s iteration gives her blue skin, hair, and tattered clothes.

Blizzard is expected to showcase all the new Halloween Terror Overwatch skins ahead of the event’s Oct. 9 start. Yesterday, the developer showed off a new swamp monster skin for Doomfist.

Alongside the new skins, Blizzard is expected to bring back the Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode, where teams of four players are pitted against hordes of omnic zombies. A teaser posted last week suggested there’s something to do with the Château Guillard Overwatch map, but what, exactly, is still unclear.  “There’s a rumor among explorers about a monolithic lair home to terrifying horrors. Heroes, how will you prepare?” Blizzard posted from the Overwatch account on Monday, attached to a photo of the Guillard mansion.

Blizzard’s Halloween event will run until Oct. 31—right through the spooky holiday itself.

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