Overwatch glitch lets Mercy really spread her wings—literally

It's not supposed to be like this. But it's damn cool.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When an Overwatch patch hits, players are excited to try out the new weapon and ability changes or play with newly added features. But sometimes an unintended change can delight the community.

After the latest raft of updates to the game, Mercy’s wings can now be made to appear many times bigger than intended under a very specific set of circumstances.

When Mercy players jump, hold space, and use Mercy’s “hello” emote, her wings glow larger and brighter than ever before. Reddit user “Rosilia,” who first posted the gif, claims that in trying it for ten minutes the glitch occurred every time.

The gif blew up on the r/Overwatch subreddit, with many players speculating that the change was intended. Many players don’t think that it shouldn’t matter—it’s awesome and it should be allowed to stay rather than being patched out.

Much like the image of Tracer, Mercy’s wings have become an iconic image associated with Overwatch. The wings were added to Diablo 3 as part of the game’s release.

If it is indeed a glitch, it’s one of the better and cooler ones that has occurred in Overwatch. In January, the Year of the Rooster skins dramatically reduced the size of Mei’s waist, causing controversy.