Overwatch’s Mercy voice actor had tons of fun recording the game’s death sounds

The women of Overwatch spoke about the creepier parts of recording their in-game lines.

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It’s kind of creepy to imagine your own death—recording the sounds your body makes when you’ve fallen into a hole or taken an arrow to the knee.

Overwatch’s voice actors had to do that for hours on end when recording sounds for the game. Mercy, Sombra, and Symmetra’s voice actors (Lucie Pohl, Carolina Ravassa, and Anjali Bhimani, respectively) spoke on the experience at the Games for Change festival in New York on Aug. 2.

Some of the voice actors found it a bit more fun than others.

“It was so fun,” Pohl said, as recounted by Mic. “I love it. ‘OK, this is death by being crushed—what [does] that sound like?'” she said. “You get to die a million ways but then you’re still alive [in real life].”

Dying so many times, even if it was just in-game, was creepy for Bhimani, however.

“I do remember feeling like I was losing my mind a little bit after the first recording session,” Bhimani said. “Like, ‘OK, so those are all of those noises, but what would it sound like if I died by asphyxiation?’ I was imagining all these different ways of dying, like, it was dark. I don’t intend to actually experience [those moments], so figuring out what that feels like is extreme.”

Some of Overwatch’s death scenarios are more realistic than others, but the emotions behind it is all the same as real life. It doesn’t sound like a blast to imagine getting frozen to death by Mei’s frost gun—or maybe it does. Who are we to judge?

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