How Blizzard plans to update Moira in Overwatch 2 hero rework

The devs are aiming to give her more play-making potential.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In a blogpost on June 7, Blizzard Entertainment revealed more information about Moira’s upcoming rework, which will be coming to the game in time for Overwatch 2’s launch.

“She’s an effective support,” the devs said. “However, we believe she lacks the play-making ability and utility possessed by other supports on the roster.” To enhance her strength on the roster, the devs detailed three ideas for the hero’s rework.

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Among the three ideas, two were dismissed by the team, and one made it through. The ability is called Weaken. Moira can charge the ability by pressing the reload button, building up energy, and then firing it into a projectile that applies a debuff to enemies —lowering their attack and healing output.

While she’s holding the charged projectile, Moira can’t use her other abilities until it’s fired. “We are considering something with a small projectile size, like Ana’s Sleep Dart,” the devs explained, “to make something that is going to feel both impactful to use and fair to play against.”

The two other ideas that were scrapped before making it to the test phase were a Pain Converter and abilities called Purge and Nullify. The Pain Converter aimed to reduce the damage taken by allies and charge up Moira’s healing bar to grant her more survivability.

Purge and Nullify aimed to remove buffs from enemies. But the dev team struggled to draw the line on which buffs could be removed or not, and this second idea was ultimately put to the side.

The devs outlined that these changes were only in an early development stage, which means they have yet to be tested by the balancing and design teams and won’t make it to the game’s final version.

Most of the Overwatch roster is going to receive significant changes with Overwatch 2, in addition to Sojourn’s debut, as highlighted by the previous test phase. Moira, however, is likely going to receive among the most changes to her kit, giving her a very different feel in the second iteration of the game.

Meanwhile, players can mark their calendars for the next reveal event in Overwatch 2, which is scheduled for June 16.

Overwatch 2 has yet to receive an official release window.


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