All Overwatch 2 heroes and their abilities

The world could always use more heroes.

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Blizzard has always been known for its characters, and the Overwatch franchise is no exception. Like its predecessor, Overwatch 2 will feature a huge cast of characters who are diverse in both design and play style.

Blizzard has announced all playable characters from Overwatch will be returning in Overwatch 2. Many won’t play exactly the same as fans are used to, though—a few are getting significant reworks, while many others are receiving balance changes and updates to freshen them up for the sequel. Overwatch 2 will also be receiving brand-new heroes, the first of whom has already landed in the game’s public beta.

Curious what heroes old and new will play like in Overwatch 2? Here are all of the game’s heroes and their abilitites.

Damage heroes in Overwatch 2


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Dynamite: Ashe throws a dynamite projectile that explodes when shot or a few seconds after landing, whichever occurs first. The dynamite causes damage over time to all enemies and barriers caught in its radius.

Coach Gun: Ashe fires her sidearm, which knocks enemies back a short distance and throws her backward. If the shot connects with an enemy, it deals a small amount of shotgun damage.

B.O.B. (ultimate): Ashe calls in B.O.B., who rushes forward until he hits a wall or an enemy. Once there, B.O.B. acts as a turret, taking aim at nearby enemies. He lasts 10 seconds and can be damaged and killed by enemies.


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Configuration: Recon: The first of Bastion’s three configurations, Recon allows him to move around like a normal hero. He can shoot and deal damage, but it’s not as high as in his other configurations.

Configuration: Assault: Bastion transforms into a sentient turret, dealing more damage per second at the cost of reduced movement speed. It lasts for 6 seconds and grants Bastion infinite ammo for its duration.

A-36 Tactical Grenade: Bastion launches a grenade that bounces off of walls, but sticks when it lands on enemies or the floor. After a short delay, it explodes, dealing damage based on enemies’ proximity to its landing site.

Configuration: Artillery (ultimate): Bastion loses all movement but gains the ability to fire up to three long-range artillery shots. They come down from the air like Doomfist’s Meteor Strike, but they can be blocked or destroyed.


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Combat Roll: Cassidy quickly rolls in the direction the player is walking. It can be used while in the air and off ledges.

Magnetic Grenade: Cassidy throws a grenade that homes in on enemies and sticks to them. Deals damage on impact and when it explodes.

Deadeye (ultimate): Cassidy aims at all enemies within his line of sight, accumulating potential damage on each one. The ability can be activated a second time to shoot all enemies currently in Cassidy’s view, dealing a high amount of damage.


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Glide: Like Mercy, Echo can glide while falling.

Sticky Bombs: Echo fires six bombs that stick to the first enemy or surface they touch. After 1 second, they explode.

Flight: Echo jumps forward into the sky and can briefly fly freely before falling.

Focusing Beam: Echo channels a beam of energy for 2 seconds. The beam deals four times as much damage to targets with less than 50% health.

Duplicate (ultimate): Echo takes the form of one enemy, granting her up to 300 health and allowing her to use their abilities. She can also use their ultimate ability, which charges 6.5 times faster than it normally does.


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Cyber-Agility: Genji can climb walls and double jump.

Swift Strike: Genji dashes forward, dealing damage to any enemies he passes through. Anytime Genji kills an enemy, Swift Strike’s cooldown is reset.

Deflect: Genji deflects projectiles, sending them back in the direction they came from. Deflect also blocks melee attacks.

Dragonblade (ultimate): Genji pulls out a katana and attacks enemies, dealing powerful damage to anyone within the blade’s reach. Activating Dragonblade resets Swift Strike’s cooldown.


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Wall Climb: Like Genji, Hanzo can climb walls.

Sonic Arrow: Hanzo fires a projectile that sticks to its first landing point and reveals enemy locations within a small radius for a few seconds. If it attaches to an enemy, it follows them as they move.

Storm Arrows: Hanzo’s next five arrows fire instantly, but they deal reduced damage if they hit an enemy.

Lunge: Like Genji, Hanzo can also double jump.

Dragonstrike (ultimate): Hanzo shoots an arrow that transforms into a Spirit Dragon, which travels through walls and damages any enemy within its large radius. It can be absorbed by D.Va’s Defense Matrix while still in arrow form.


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Total Mayhem: Junkrat drops bombs when he dies, which detonate quickly and deal damage to any enemy caught within them.

Concussion Mine: Junkrat throws a mine that can be reactivated to detonate it either on the ground or in the air. He can also use it to throw himself into the air without taking damage. It has two charges.

Steel Trap: Junkrat tosses out a trap that greatly slows enemies that run over it. It also deals one-time damage and prevents trapped enemies from using movement abilities.

RIP-Tire (ultimate): Junkrat launches a killer tire that he can control and manually detonate for up to 10 seconds. The tire can be destroyed and Junkrat can be killed while using the ability, but the latter won’t interrupt the tire.


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Cryo-Freeze: Mei surrounds herself with a block of ice, becoming invulnerable and healing for up to 4 seconds. She cannot move or use abilities while in stasis.

Ice Wall: Mei raises a tall wall of ice at a given point, blocking enemy damage and line of sight. The wall can be destroyed in pieces and lasts up to 5 seconds.

Blizzard (ultimate): Mei tosses out a projectile that gradually slows and freezes enemies caught within its radius. Enemies also take damage while they remain within its area of effect.


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Hover Jets: While in the air, Pharah can slowly gain height and hover in the air using her jets.

Jump Jet: Pharah’s jets propel her into the air, instantly giving her height and mobility.

Concussive Blast: Pharah launches her sidearm, which knocks back (but does not damage) any enemies it hits. It can also knock back Pharah herself if she’s caught in its radius.

Barrage (ultimate): Pharah releases a continuous burst of rockets for 2.5 seconds, dealing heavy damage in a targeted area. While Barrage is active, she cannot move, but she can turn.


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The Reaping: Reaper heals for 35% of the damage done to enemies via standard fire, abilities, melee, and environmental kills.

Wraith Form: Reaper becomes invulnerable and can move through enemies, enabling him to reposition. While in Wraith Form, he can’t shoot or use other abilities.

Shadow Step: After a 1.5 second cast time, Reaper teleports to a chosen location. He is briefly invulnerable while he exits Shadow Step.

Death Blossom (ultimate): Reaper whirls through a small area for three seconds, dealing huge damage to anyone caught in the area of fire. He can be killed during its duration, which instantly ends the ability.


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Disruptor Shot: Sojourn launches a burst of energy that slows and deals damage to enemies caught within its radius.

Power Slide: Sojourn slides across the ground to quickly reposition. It can be cancelled into a high jump, granting her even more mobility.

Overclock (ultimate): For a short period of time, Sojourn’s railgun automatically charges itself. Charged shots fired during its duration pierce enemies.

Soldier: 76

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Helix Rockets: Soldier: 76 shoots a volley of small rockets, which deal damage in a small radius.

Sprint: Soldier: 76 gains a 50% buff to his movement speed, allowing him to run quickly. Shooting or using any other ability cancels Sprint.

Biotic Field: Soldier: 76 lays down an emitter that generates a small healing field, healing any allies within its zone. It cannot be destroyed by enemies.

Tactical Visor (ultimate): Soldier: 76 activates his advanced visor, instantly locking on to enemies within his line of sight. While Tactical Visor is activated, he can quickly swap targets, his reload time is greatly reduced, and his damage falloff is disabled.


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Opportunist: Sombra can see enemies below 50% health through walls. She also deals 40% additional damage to hacked targets.

Hack: Sombra hacks a nearby target over .85 seconds, preventing them from using abilities. Hacked enemies are revealed through walls to Sombra’s team for 8 seconds. Sombra can also hack Health Packs, preventing the enemy team from using them and making them spawn faster.

Stealth: Sombra becomes invisible and gains 65% additional move speed. She can hack enemies while Stealthed, but attacking, taking damage, or being revealed by another hero’s ability will make her visible again.

Translocator: Sombra throws out a beacon that allows her to teleport to its location. It can be used once the beacon lands or when it’s still in the air.

EMP (ultimate): Sombra releases a pulse of energy, hacking all enemies within a large radius and dealing 40% of current health in damage. EMP deals 10,000 damage to shields and barriers and destroys Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix.


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Sentry Turret: Symmetra fires a projectile that turns into a turret when it hits a wall. Turrets damage and slow any enemy that comes near them and can be destroyed.

Teleporter: Symmetra places two teleporting portals on the field, allowing her allies to interact with them and move freely from one to the other. Some abilities, including Junkrat’s RIP-Tire and D.Va’s MEKA when self-destructing, can also be teleported.

Photon Barrier (ultimate): Symmetra deploys a large shield that crosses through the entire map and blocks enemy ranged attacks. Allies can still send ranged attacks through the barrier.


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Deploy Turret: Torbjorn tosses down an immobile turret, which quickly constructs itself and begins shooting at enemies. The turret will shoot at any enemies within its line of sight and lasts until destroyed.

Overload: For 5 seconds, Torbjorn gains 100 armor, a 30% buff to his movement speed, and improved reload speed and attack speed.

Molten Core (ultimate): Torbjorn shoots several molten pools that bounce until they hit the floor deal damage to enemies that walk in their area. The pools also deal bonus damage to armor.


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Blink: Tracer immediately teleports forward in the direction she’s facing. She can store up to three charges of Blink at at time.

Recall: Over the course of 1.25 seconds, Tracer teleports back to her position from three seconds ago. Her health is restored to its highest value in the previous three seconds and fully reloads her weapons.

Pulse Bomb (ultimate): Tracer throws a bomb a short distance, which then latches onto the first enemy or surface it touches. The bomb then explodes after a short period of time, dealing damage to everyone within its small radius.


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Grappling Hook: Widowmaker shoots a grappling hook forward that latches on to any surface it touches, pulling her forward after it does so.

Venom Mine: Widowmaker shoots a mine a small distance. When triggered by enemy movement or damage, it releases poison gas that damages enemies in the vicinity over time. Widowmaker can briefly see the player who triggered the mine through walls.

Infra-Sight (ultimate): Widowmaker and her allies can see enemies through walls and objects for 15 seconds. They can also see enemies’ health bars.

Tank heroes in Overwatch 2


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Seismic Slam: Doomfist launches forward and impacts the ground where he lands, dealing 50 damage and slowing nearby enemies by 30%.

Power Block: Doomfist enters a defensive stance, reducing damage taken from the front by 90%. If he blocks at least 100 damage, he becomes supercharged, making his next Rocket Punch more powerful.

Rocket Punch: Doomfist charges up a powerful punch, after which he lunges forward and knocks an enemy backward. If the enemy hits a wall, they take additional damage. Hitting an enemy also allows Doomfist to potentially knock back additional enemies behind them, too.

Meteor Strike (ultimate): Doomfist launches himself into the sky and selects a landing location. Upon landing, all enemies within a large area take damage and are slowed by 50% for two seconds.


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Defense Matrix: activates a front-facing shield that absorbs bullets and projectiles. Defense Matrix can also absorb certain ultimate abilities that start out as projectiles, like Zarya’s Graviton Surge and Hanzo’s Dragonstrike.

Boosters: While in her mech, D.Va emits a burst of speed that can push her forward or up into the air. She can change directions and fire while Boosters are active.

Micro Missiles: After a short delay, D.Va shoots a burst of small missiles in the direction she’s facing.

Self-Destruct (ultimate): ejects herself out of her mech and sets it to explode, which it does after three seconds. After the mech explodes, she can use Call Mech to summon another one.


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Fortify: Orisa slows her own movement speed by 20% in order to gain 125 extra health, reduce her weapon’s heat generation by 50%, reduce all damage taken and become immune to movement-inhibiting abilities.

Javelin Spin: Orisa spins her javelin, destroying all incoming projectiles and increasing her forward movement speed during the spin’s duration and for two seconds afterward. The spin also deals damage and knocks back enemies in its path.

Terra Surge (ultimate): Orisa pulls nearby enemies toward her and gains the effects of Fortify for up to four seconds, charging an attack as she does so. Enemies within its area of effect take a small amount of damage and are slowed by 30%. The charge can be manually released at any time to deal damage to enemies in her grasp and deals more damage the longer it was charged.


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Barrier Field: Reinhardt deploys a large shield in front of himself that moves with him. His movement speed is decreased by 30% while the barrier is active, but he can hold it up until it’s destroyed.

Charge: Reinhardt rushes forward in a straight line, pinning any enemy he runs into until he reaches a wall or hard surface. He can turn while charging and can cancel the ability early.

Fire Strike: Reinhardt swings his hammer to release an energy projectile that sweeps forward in a straight line. It pierces all enemies and barriers.

Earthshatter (ultimate): Reinhardt strikes the ground with his hammer, knocking down and damaging all enemies in a cone in front of him. Enemies who are a short distance off the ground or standing on the payload will also be affected.


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Take a Breather: Roadhog restores 300 health over 1 second. He can move while healing, but he can also be stunned out of the ability.

Chain Hook: Roadhog throws out a hook that attaches to the first enemy it hits. If he hooks someone, he pulls them back to his location. The target is briefly stunned, which can cancel their abilitites.

Whole Hog (ultimate): Roadhog overloads his gun and shoots a spray of shrapnel out at nearby enemies, damaging them and knocking them back for 5.5 seconds.


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Experimental Barrier: Sigma shoots a floating barrier to a given location. The barrier absorbs 700 damage and can be recalled by Sigma at any time.

Kinetic Grasp: Sigma absorbs all projectiles in front of him for 2 seconds. Any projectiles that are absorbed are converted into shields that stack on top of his health. Kinetic Grasp can absorb projectile ultimates, including Zarya’s Graviton Surge and Mei’s Blizzard.

Accretion: Sigma hurls a large boulder at an enemy, briefly knocking them down. Accretion cannot be absorbed by D.Va’s Defense Matrix or reflected by Genji’s Deflect.

Gravitic Flux (ultimate): Sigma flies into the air and lifts all enemies in a targeted area into the air with him. After one second, enemies are flung back to the ground and take damage.


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Jump Pack: Winston leaps into the air to relocate. When he lands, he deals damage and staggers any nearby enemies.

Barrier Projector: Winston creates a spherical field with 700 health that lasts 9 seconds or until it’s destroyed. Allies can shoot through the barrier.

Primal Rage (ultimate): Winston unleashes his hidden anger, which grants him a huge amount of health and powers up his melee attacks. He can’t use his gun while in Primal Rage, but he can use Jump Pack more frequently.

Wrecking Ball

Workshop Gungame mode
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Grappling Claw: Wrecking Ball throws out a grappling claw that attaches to the first surface it hits. After it attaches, Wrecking Ball can rotate around the point of impact for up to six seconds. If he gets enough velocity, striking an enemy while rotating will deal damage and knock them back.

Roll: Wrecking Ball tucks into his mechanical ball, increasing his movement speed. Shooting will cancel Roll.

Adaptive Shield: Wrecking Ball shields himself. For every nearby enemy, he gains an additional 75 shields on top of a base 100. The shields last for 9 seconds.

Piledriver: Wrecking Ball launches himself down to the ground, knocking nearby enemies into the air and damaging them.

Minefield (ultimate): Wrecking Ball tosses out a large area of floating mines. Any enemy that makes contact with one takes 130 damage per mine. Mines can be destroyed by enemies.


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Energy: Zarya passively generates energy every time one of her barriers is struck by enemy fire. The higher her energy level, the more powerful her primary fire becomes.

Particle Barrier: Zarya shields herself, absorbing all incoming damage for 2.5 seconds. The barrier also cleanses her and protects her from crowd control abilities. Shares a cooldown and charges with Projected Barrier.

Projected Barrier: Zarya shields an ally, absorbing all incoming damage for 2.5 seconds. Behaves similarly to Particle Barrier and shares a cooldown with it.

Graviton Surge (ultimate): Zarya tosses a projectile that becomes a large gravity bomb, drawing in enemies towards its center. It deals a small amount of damage, lasts for four seconds, and disables most movement abilities.

Support heroes in Overwatch 2


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Sleep Dart: Ana fires a sleep dart from her sidearm that puts the first enemy it strikes to sleep. Enemies stay asleep for 5 seconds or until they take damage.

Biotic Grenade: Ana throws a grenade that impacts both enemies and allies in a given area. Allies are healed by 100 and gain increased healing from all sources for 4 seconds, while enemies take 60 damage and are prevented from healing for 4 seconds.

Nano Boost (ultimate): Ana shoots a dart at an ally. The dart heals the target for 250, grants 50% increased damage, and reduces damage taken by 50%. Lasts for 8 seconds.


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Exo Boots: After Baptiste crouches for one second, he can jump higher.

Regenerative Burst: Baptiste activates a burst of healing on himself and nearby allies, healing them over time for 5 seconds.

Immortality Field: Baptiste tosses out a floating projectile that prevents allies within its field from dying. The device lasts 5.5 seconds or until destroyed.

Amplification Matrix (ultimate): Baptiste creates a floating rectangular field that amplifies all friendly damage and healing that passes through it. Lasts for 10 seconds.


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Inspire: When Brigitte hits enemies with her flail or with Shield Bash, all allies around her are healed for a small amount over time.

Repair Pack: Brigitte throws a repair pack at an ally that heals them over time for a short duration.

Whip Shot: Brigitte tosses out her flail like a whip, dealing damage and knocking back an enemy within her line of sight.

Barrier Shield: Brigitte creates a small personal barrier in front of herself that blocks damage. Deploying it causes Brigitte to lose 30% movement speed while it’s active.

Shield Bash: Brigitte rushes forward and strikes an enemy with her shield, dealing damage and knocking them back a small distance. Can only be used when Barrier Shield is deployed.

Rally (ultimate): When Rally is activated, Brigitte moves 30% faster and grants nearby allies 15 armor per second. Lasts 10 seconds.


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Wall Ride: Lucio can jump onto walls to ride them, granting a 30% increase to his movement speed and allowing him to jump farther when leaving the wall.

Soundwave: Lucio knocks back nearby enemies with a blast of sound, dealing a small amount of damage.

Crossfade: Lucio switches his active music track. Healing Boost heals nearby allies for 16 health per second, while Speed Boost grants allies 25% increased movement speed.

Amp It Up: Lucio turns up the volume of his active music track, increasing Healing Boost’s healing to 52 health per second and Speed Boost’s speed buff to 60% increased movement speed.

Sound Barrier (ultimate): Lucio grants nearby allies a huge amount of temporary shields that rapidly decay over seven seconds.


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Regeneration: Increases the passive healing that supports receive by 50%.

Angelic Descent: Mercy can fall very slowly. She can also control the direction of her fall.

Guardian Angel: Mercy targets an ally and immediately flies toward them. Guardian Angel can be used on both living and dead allies.

Resurrect: Mercy channels for 1.75 seconds to revive a recently killed ally. Can be interrupted by stuns and other crowd control effects.

Valkyrie (ultimate): Activating Valkyrie gives Mercy the ability to fly and boosts the power of all of her abilities. Caduceus Staff’s healing and damage-boosting beams now target additional allies near Mercy’s intended target. Her blaster also gains infinite ammo.


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Biotic Orb: Moira tosses out one of two biotic orbs of the player’s choice. One heals Moira and all allies near its path over time; the other damages enemies who remain near it.

Fade: Moira moves quickly in a chosen direction. For Fade’s duration, Moira is invulnerable and gains 250% movement speed. Fade also cleanses Moira of most damage over time and movement debuffs.

Coalescence (ultimate): Moira creates a beam of energy that pierces allies, enemies, and barriers. Allies receive 140 healing per second, while enemies take 70 damage per second. Moira also heals herself for 50 healing per second.


Zenyatta Spartan Kick
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Orb of Harmony: Zenyatta attaches an Orb of Harmony to an ally within line of sight. The affected ally is granted 30 healing per second as long as they remain in Zenyatta’s line of sight.

Orb of Discord: Zenyatta attaches an Orb of Discord to an enemy within line of sight. The affected enemy takes 25% additional damage as long as they remain in Zenyatta’s line of sight.

Transcendence (ultimate): Zenyatta becomes invulnerable and heals nearby allies for 300 health per second for 6 seconds. While using Transcendence, Zenyatta can move faster but cannot use any other abilities or weapons.