Ability-breaking Kiriko bug still lingering despite Overwatch 2 devs claiming swift fix

It's definitely not fixed.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s April 11 patch honed in on multiple gameplay issues that plagued the competitive landscape as fans geared up for Lifeweaver’s arrival. However, one Kiriko bug managed to slip through the cracks, despite being stamped as “fixed.”

Kiriko’s Swift Step ability gives her the power to teleport through light and space, all in an effort to assist a player at death’s door. The bug in question has voided that ability, and it still remains to this day.

One OW2 player shared proof it hasn’t been fixed in a Reddit post on April 12, showcasing either the bug’s resilience or Blizzard’s failure to fix “the issue” altogether. The clip shows a player failing to Swift Step toward a Reinhardt on the other side of a wall, despite the player mashing the ‘use’ button several times.

Bugs like this can greatly impact Kiriko’s ability to save teammates’ lives when they’ve overextended or just hidden behind a corner, and in a team-based FPS that requires perfect timing, this bug’s existence is unacceptable.

Blizzard developers did claim they’d fixed this issue in Overwatch’s April update, particularly some cases where Swift Step would “fail to teleport the player” despite repeated activations, alongside other lingering issues. With this bug clearly not stamped out, it draws other suggested patch fixes into question too.

The OW2 devs only recently found themselves in hot water after labeling a clear Ashe nerf as a bug fix. In that case, Ashe’s ability to acquire ultimate points during B.O.B’s lifespan was removed, despite being a feature since 2019. Fans were quick to recount prior updates where Blizzard had fixed the opposite issue, where the gunslinging hero hadn’t been earning points when B.O.B. was active.

With these series of questionable ‘fixes,’ Overwatch 2 players are calling on Blizzard to be more careful with their update claims heading into future patches.


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