Upcoming changes to CODM’s battle royale mode will make it more like Warzone

The features will likely drop in the game next season.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile keeps getting better. In a recently released public test build (beta) for the game, some exciting changes were made to the battle royale mode. 

CoD: Mobile is getting a new intro video in the battle royale mode. Fans of Warzone will be familiar to this as it looks very similar to the one in the game. 

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Just like in Warzone, the video zooms into the front of the cargo plane as it flies over the Isolated map in CODM. It then shows the players preparing to jump off and parachute onto the battlefield as the hatch of the aircraft opens. 

A Reddit user compared the animations for both games, and they look strikingly similar. 

This isn’t the only thing that Call of Duty: Mobile is taking from Warzone. In the public test build, the names of different locations were also displayed hovering over the places. Players will now be able to easily spot the locations they want to land on. 

These changes could likely be coming to the game in the next season. With the present season, The Forge, ending on Aug. 5, fans will not have to wait long to see them arrive in the global version of the game. 

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The update will also bring the Gunsmith feature which will allows players to make complex customizations to weapons. This is another thing that the CODM is copying from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2