Technoblade’s Minecraft settings

Walk on Technoblade's path.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft lets players express their creative sides by creating various worlds. Minecraft can get competitive quickly, however. Considering the number of modes available, it’s almost impossible to run out of stuff to do. 

With maps that promote the competitive side of the game, events that test the mettle of the most worthy competitors slowly emerged. Technoblade is one of the top Minecraft players when it comes to strategy, tactics, and PvP.  

Apart from competing in prime-time events like Minecraft Mondays and the Minecraft Championships (MCC), Technoblade has also been a vital part of the Dream SMP, a roleplay server with a plot. Though you may need acting lessons to roleplay like Technoblade, you’ll only need his settings to emulate his gameplay. Considering experienced players spend a decent amount of time to optimize their settings, using Technoblade’s configurations can give you a headstart when it comes to finding the perfect balance for your gameplay.

Here are Technoblade’s Minecraft settings.

Technoblade’s video settings

Smooth LightnightOff
Smooth Lightning LevelOff
GUI Scale4
Dynamic LightsFancy
Render Distance8 chunks
Max Framerate200 frames per second
View BobbingOff
Entity ShadowsOff
Attack IndicatorCrossair
Dynamic FOVOn

Technoblade’s keybinds

SneakLeft Shift
SprintLeft Control
Strafe LeftA
Strafe RightD
Walk BackwardsS
Walk ForwardsW
Attack/DestroyLeft Click
Pick BlockMiddle Click
Use Itesm/Place BlockRight Click
Drop Selected ItemQ
Hotbar Slot 11
Hotbar Slot 22
Hotbar Slot 33
Hotbar Slot 44
Hotbar Slot 55
Hotbar Slot 66
Hotbar Slot 77
Hotbar Slot 8C
Hotbar Slot 9R
Open/Close InventoryE
Swap Item in HandsUnbounded
List PlayersTab
Open ChatT
Open Command/
Highlight PlayersBlank
Take ScreenshotF2
Toggle Cinematic CameraUnbounded
Toggle FullscreenF11
Toggle PerspectiveF5