Shinx is November’s Community Day Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Sparks will fly in the last individual Community Day of 2021.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go is running a mini tie-in with the launch of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the horizon featuring the Sinnoh native Shinx as the game’s November Community Day.

Players who participate in the event will be able to encounter Shinx more often in the wild, along with potentially running into shiny variants of the Flash Pokémon if they’re lucky from 11am to 5pm local time on Nov. 21. 

This will be a popular event with fans because of Shinx being included, but it will also be the first time Psychic Fangs is being added to Pokémon Go. This new Charged Attack will be available for Luxray to learn, but only if a player evolves their Shinx into Luxio and then into Luxray during the event period.

Here are the new attack’s stats:

  • Trainer Battles: 40 Power and guaranteed to lower the opposing Pokémon’s Defense.
  • Gyms and raids: 30 Power

As always, a $1 Community Day Special Research Story—Flash, Spark, and Gleam—will be available for players to purchase and complete. Additionally, Eggs will hatch 75 percent faster when placed in Incubators during the event and Incense and Lure Modules will last for three hours each.

Because this will be the last Community Day event before the annual big December Community Day that celebrates the entire year of community content, Niantic is including some extra bonuses, too. 

On top of the usual one-time-purchase Community Day Box, which will be available for 1,280 PokéCoins and features 50 Ultra Balls, four Incense, four Star Pieces, and an Elite Charged TM, players can also grab 30 Ultra Balls for free. Throughout the event, players will receive triple Transfer Candy and have quadruple the chance of receiving Candy XL when transferring a Pokémon.


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